Best Things to do in Adelaide Hills

There’s nothing more romantic and exciting than a trip to Adelaide Hills. If you’re planning to take your spouse on a trip, then you need to brush up and be their guide. The best way to do so is getting a better idea of what to see and do here.

Exciting Things to do in Adelaide Hills

To give you a better idea on what to see and do in the area, here are a few places you can consider visiting, and activities you can enjoy together as a couple:

Live a life of luxury at the Mount Lofty House

Not everyone is born into royalty and extra-comfy sheets. But when you come to visit the Mount Lofty House, with its vineyards, tennis and badminton courts, and Stables Day Spa, you can live the life you’ve always wanted, even if it was just for a few nights.

A foodie retreat

Want to learn how to make some exquisite Asian cuisines? Then take part in Stirling’s Sticky Rice Cooking School where you can learn the secrets of Asian dishes for yourself.

Get cosy at the Cladich Pavilions

If sitting on the lap of luxury is not your style, and would prefer seeing nature, then Cladich Pavilions will be more up your standards.

Rooms in the Pavillion have the floor to ceiling windows that offer a wrap-around view of the surrounding wilderness. It’s a romantic getaway fit for honeymooners and more.

Try the wine

What’s a trip to Adelaide without trying the wine? This is best done up at the Mount Lofty Ranges where more than  60 wineries are offering some of Australia’s best cool climate wines. You won’t be disappointed as each choice is definitely better than the last.

Touch a koala

Koalas are easily one of the most recognisable Australian wildlife aside from the kangaroo. If you like these cuddly creatures, then stop by the Cleland Wildlife Park and hold a koala for yourself.

Cleland Wildlife Park us one of the few places in the country where you can hold a Koala, another reason to pay the area a visit.

Ready to explore everything Adelaide Hills has to offer? Then make your plans today, and don’t forget to book a rental car to ensure you and your date can get to your destinations safely and comfortably.

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