The Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2015

Going on holiday without breaking the bank doesn’t mean you have to go without. In fact, there is a range of great travel destinations for budget-conscious travellers.

Travelling on a budget can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Depending on where you travel and what you want to do, you can find a vast array of adventures. We have put together a list of the best budget-friendly places to travel in 2015.

1. Shanghai


This thriving city continues to be very affordable for travellers. You can get very basic dorm rooms in the city for around AUS $15 – $20. Try some of the affordable and delicious street food, served by vendors all around the city. Shanghai is the largest Chinese city by population and this buzzing metropolis features some of China’s best food and landmarks.

2. South Africa

south africa

This is a great travel destination to get serious value for your money. The currency conversion of the Australian dollar to the Rand means that your money will go a lot further in South Africa. The bars and restaurants are also very cheap and there is free entry available at many of the country’s museums. Whether you want to go on safari or just relax in Cape Town, all types of travellers can find something to please their budget.

3. Romania


Doing Europe on a budget can be tough, the Euro is stronger than our dollar and, due to its popularity as a tourist destination, accommodation can be expensive. However, if you look outside of the obvious choices of Paris or London and more towards Eastern Europe, things get far more affordable. There is a range of cheap connections to Romania with budget European airlines and accommodation is far cheaper than other destinations in the area. Check out the medieval villages or castles, as well as the beautiful natural landscapes.

4. Uruguay


Whilst Brazil’s tourist scene recently peaked with the World Cup last year, Uruguay is still a great choice for a holiday in South America.  Avoid peak tourist times along the coast, as everything becomes more expensive. Wander around sleepy coastal towns like Fray Bentos or try some of the local dishes in Montevideo.

5. Samoa


This beautiful and undeveloped tropical location is perfect for travellers on a budget. You can get great deals on budget beach hut accommodation. Most of them are locally owned and run by families, who will go to the extra effort to ensure you enjoy your stay.

6. Bali


Bali has become increasingly popular over the past few years, meaning that once cheap accommodation has now become overpriced resorts. But there are still great backpacker and budget friendly beachside bungalows to be found. The cost of living is also still very low and spa treatments are still far cheaper than in other places.

7. Taiwan


This location still remains seasoned travellers’ best kept secret. There is a range of amazing things to do here. You can climb East Asia’s highest mountain or ride through the Taroko Gorge. Taiwan also has famous cuisine and great local food.

So that is Alpha Airport Parking’s list of the best budget travel destinations for 2015. If you are planning on going on an adventure soon and need a reliable way to get to and from the airport, check out our great prices for Brisbane Airport parking.