sunny destinations

Escape the Winter Chill by Going to These Sunny Destinations

Winter is coming and before you get too excited, no that isn’t a Game of Thrones reference but an actual fact. For a country that is famed for its summers and warm weather, it isn’t surprising that a lot of us over here hate the cold.

If you are looking to veto winter all together, then there are a range of places that you can go to make your summer last all year.

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film locations

Gorgeous Filming Locations that You Need to Visit

Some of the most iconic TV shows and movies ever made feature amazing make-believe worlds that would make you want to actually see and experience the environment. Fortunately, many of these productions were shot at some of the most beautiful locations around the globe. You may not be able to go to Middle Earth, Westeros, a galaxy that’s far, far away, or Britain during the post-Edwardian era, but you can visit the filming locations used in bringing these fictional places to life.

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