travel myths

4 Travel Myths You Probably Still Believe

People often have their own perceptions about travel. Some are true, like how you should opt for bottled water instead of tap water in a plane. But some are just things that you need to either experience to realise that they’re myths, or need other people who’ve experienced it to tell you that they’re actually myths. Here are 4 travel myths that you or people you know probably still believe.

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parking signs

Parking Signs in Australia

Parking signs: they’re confusing, at times infuriating, but they’re there for a reason. I get it, it’s hard to drive on the roads these days. Add in a bazillion road and parking signs that you have to memorize, and dropping off a friend somewhere or stopping for a quick ice cream can be unnerving. I mean, how many minutes can you stay stopped at a “No Parking” zone?

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packing hacks

8 Clever Packing Hacks for Your Next Trip

Nowadays, maximising every nook and cranny of your luggage seems like an art. If you surf through travel blogs and social media sites, it won’t take long before you see cool travel hacks that actually work. Here are some of our favorite hacks that’ll help you discover your luggage’s full potential and organise your stuff better. Make sure to bookmark this blog post for your future travels.

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taxi scams

BEWARE: Airport Taxi Scams

Taxis — one of the most convenient but also most expensive ways to get around, especially when you’re jet-lagged, dazed, and a foreigner to a new place. When you’re sore and tired from an incredibly long flight, getting on an air-conditioned vehicle with a cabbie that knows his way around is definitely tempting. Now there are a lot of cab drivers who are genuinely good people, who will give you the best service and even local tips on where to go and what to do at your destination.

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travel insurance

Should You Really Get Travel Insurance?

There is only a week left before your well-deserved holiday and you’re incredibly excited. You are planning itineraries, deciding on what to wear for your holiday, booking accommodations, desperately trying to figure out how to pack light for your holiday, and even booking a cheap car rental or cheap airport parking. Then you come across one vacation tip (whether from your mate or the internet) that gets you thinking, “I should get travel insurance.”

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insurance claim form

Did the Airline Lose Your Bags? Here’s What You Should Do

You’re at the airport and standing near the luggage carousel, waiting for your checked bags to appear. Minutes have passed, and the last few luggage bags are being picked up by their owners. Dread slowly paralyses you as you realise that the last bag isn’t yours, and your own luggage is nowhere to be found. You head to the customer service counter to enquire about your missing bags. The agent informs you after a while that the airline has misplaced your luggage. Now try to keep your cool–it’s not the end of the world. Instead of shouting at the agent who’s just trying to help you, remember these tips instead:

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