4 Travel Myths You Probably Still Believe

People often have their own perceptions about travel. Some are true, like how you should opt for bottled water instead of tap water in a plane. But some are just things that you need to either experience to realise that they’re myths, or need other people who’ve experienced it to tell you that they’re actually myths. Here are 4 travel myths that you or people you know probably still believe.

Pack More Stuff If You’re Going On A Long Trip

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Let’s say you took a year off to travel the world. Do you really want to be lugging around a year’s worth of clothes, or lotion, or shampoo, or toothpaste? Of course not. You actually can buy toiletries wherever you go, and shopping for clothes from different countries is a big part of the fun. Are you going camping for one part of your trip? Send your gear ahead to the location where you’ll need them. Have too many souvenirs in your baggage? Send them home. Trust me, packing light for a holiday (no matter how long) is doable.

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Booking Ahead Or Last Minute Flights Are The Cheapest

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Sometimes you get lucky enough to get a really great deal when you do this, but this isn’t always true. You see, flights get considerably cheaper when an airline needs to fill an under booked flight. That’s when you really get the greatest deals. But they don’t happen all the time. Booking ahead of time doesn’t guarantee you a cheaper ticket. Sometimes tickets go on a special price during holiday seasons. But you should also remember that, when it’s peak season, routes to popular destinations can actually get more expensive as tickets become fewer. Remember that some people might actually be desperate enough to go that they’ll pay ostentatious amounts for tickets.

Flight Attendants SHOULD Always Help You With Your Carry On

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The same goes for the misconception that flight attendants are basically food servers on a plane. While they do serve food and drink, this is actually pretty far down the list of their responsibilities. You have to understand that the main reason why flight attendants are there is to ensure your safety and the safety of your co-passengers in the plane, no matter what happens. You’d be surprised at how knowledgeable they really are in first aid and other emergency medical situations. You’ll also find that they’re the first line of defence in a case of squabbling passengers. It doesn’t matter if the flight attendant is a female and the passengers going at it are both big males. They’re going to make sure that the fight doesn’t escalate and that you and the other passengers don’t get in between the cross fire.

More Stamps = Better Traveled

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In a sense, this isn’t necessarily true. Of course, more stamps means you’ve physically been in more places. But travel isn’t just about being in a foreign place. It’s about experiencing food, art, music, culture, and people. You know those incredibly ambitious itineraries that they try to sell you? The one where you go visit a million places in a week’s time? Well, if you’re spending more time passing through attractions than actually experiencing them, then you’ve barely scratched the surface of what your destination is truly like. The worst part is feeling like all you did was see a 3D motion picture of an incredibly beautiful place. Well, that and sensory overload. Make sure you walk around! Get out of the tour bus or leave your vehicle in a secure airport parking area. You’ll have more fun that way.


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