How to Safely Pack Your Electronics

Going on vacation is always a treat. But it can be a hassle if you don’t know how to safely pack your electronic devices. As it can lead to broken electronics and loss of data.

An Electronics Nightmare

You panic and try to find the airport personnel responsible for the damage. Only to have them tell you that it was your fault. You should have known better than to pack it loosely in a suitcase together with your other belongings. You should have anticipated that something like this would happen. And, you should have known that with so many passengers, personnel would not have the time to look after your belongings.

Don’t make the same mistake. Take the time to pack away your electronics in such a way that it won’t get damaged again. Here are a few tips you can learn from for your next trip:

A Dedicated Bag

dedicated bag

As a general rule of thumb, avoid putting your electronics loosely into your suitcase. Not only are you inviting trouble, but the glasses and pieces can also get on your clothes and other belongings if and when the device in your bag breaks.

What you can do is purchase a dedicated bag for your electronics. For example, if you are looking to bring your expensive DSLR camera with you, invest in a reliable case that can house the main unit, with dividers for the lens and other accessories. For best results, get the ones with a waxed exterior to ensure that it is waterproof. As for your laptop, you can get a laptop sleeve that fits the computer’s dimensions easily. Preferably one with a hard shell that can prevent any dents and damage from bumps and drops.

Smart Packing

smart packing

Getting a dedicated bag with all the protective features is the first step, now comes the time to ask yourself: “How am I taking this with me?” The safest option is to pack them away in your carry-on suitcase. Remember, do not put any of your electronics in your check-in luggage to prevent damage.

If you’re travelling for more than just a few hours, here are a few tips you can keep in mind about packing your items carefully:

  • Disassemble. Stress points are a cause of breakage. That is why it is important to take apart bigger electronics like your camera and drone, to make it easier to transport and to minimise any damage.
  • Use padding. When putting your electronics away, use padding to prevent damage from bumps and drops. You can use clothing, old newspapers or even bubble wrap.
  • Keep cables tidy. Coil your various chargers and tie them up with a rubber band or zip ties. Store them in a resealable bag or a zip bag for safe keeping.
  • Keep electronics charged. If you’re looking at a 12 hour travel time, shut off your electronics. Turn off your devices before packing them away. Doing this ensures that you will have some power left when you arrive at your destination, and can prevent overheating and unnecessary power use.

Review Travel Rules and Restrictions

check restrictions

Travelling with electronics can be tricky. If you’re driving, you have complete freedom on how you want to pack your things in your car. But for air travel, you have to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the airline.

Take your time to weigh your baggage before going to the airport to ensure that you are within the limit and to avoid having to pay fees.

Furthermore, it is best to check your airline’s website to know more about their policy regarding taking electronics with you when you fly, as their policy from two years ago may differ from their current one.

Keeping your devices safe on long trips is essential. So, it only makes sense that you will also want someone to look after your car while you’re away on your journey. Park your vehicle with Alpha Airport Parking, so you know that your car will be in safe hands.


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