Otherworldly Treasures You’ll Find at Queensland’s Hinterlands

Queensland is home to plenty of lush hinterlands and rainforests. From camping spots to hiking trails, you won’t run out of places to explore.

What’s more, after those hours of hiking, you’re sure to enjoy a reward like no other: a glimpse into the East Coast’s otherworldly side. Put on your hiking boots and explore Queensland hinterlands in search for these amazing natural treasures.

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keep your money safe

Tips to Keep Your Money Safe While Travelling

Losing cash or a credit card while on a trip is probably every traveller’s nightmare. Imagine, you’re on your way to a restaurant when you reach inside your pocket and realise your wallet is gone.

Your cash, credit card, and traveller’s cheques are all gone in an instant. You can call a friend for help, but what if you’re in another country and you hardly know anyone else?

Contacting someone back home to wire you some money is another option, but it’s best to have a plan B. To avoid worst-case scenarios, here are some tips to help keep your money safe while travelling.

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delayed flight

What To Do When You’re Waiting for Your Delayed Flight

What is one of the worst things that could happen when you’re about to go on a holiday? DELAYS. This is most especially when you’re alone. With family or mates, at least you have someone familiar to talk to.

Some delays can be as short as 20 minutes, others can be as long as 10 hours. When you’re alone in the airport and don’t have the will or extra money to go out and explore the city or book a hotel room nearby, what do you do to keep yourself busy? Here are a few ideas:

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