2 Car Parking Terms and Conditions Clauses You Need to Know

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Whether it’s booking your next car hire, hotel for your next break , or a regular car parking space, reading the fine print is always important. Let’s face it: you like myself, more often than not, don’t.

The danger in not reading them, is that you don’t really know what you just agreed to. Here are a couple of standard airport car parking Terms and Conditions that most people should but don’t know: On Damages

damaged car

This may be one of the most important things that people miss when they book a space in a carpark. Did you know that most, if not all, car parking services have a section in their T&C’s that state that they are not liable for any damages or loss of property in your vehicle and even damages to your vehicle, unless proven that damage or loss was caused by the negligence, malicious intent, and/or willful act of the employees.

In case of a hailstorm, flood, a coconut falling on your car (assuming you’re somewhere near the beach and are parked outdoors), basically things out of anyone’s control, they cannot be held liable.

Non-direct Websites & Links


You know those comparison sites and coupon sites where you (might) get cheaper rates or promo packages? This is because not all websites that link to them are with consent.

Remember that in whatever product or service you buy, you should always read the fine print, and at a minimum skim through the car parking Terms & Conditions.