Exploring Australia: Bushwalking Destinations You Should Check Out

Filled with gorgeous landscapes that’ll take your breath away, Australia is a hiker’s dream destination. From amazing coastal trails to lush mountain tracks, you won’t run out of places to explore. So if you’re itching to put your hiking shoes on, here’s a list of bushwalking spots that’ll keep your weekends busy.

Flinders Ranges National Park

flinders ranges national parImage by www.adrianratter.com

Craggy gorges, a diverse wildlife, and indigenous sites–what more can you ask from a bushwalking destination? This national park is one of South Australia’s gems and is a favourite hiking spot. With so many things to see and discover, every step you take is like a step towards another world. As you find your pace, lose yourself in the magnificent beauty of Wilpena Pound. A uniquely-shaped valley adorned with ridges, it’s a must-visit spot when trekking at Flinders Ranges.

If you’re coming from Brisbane, Gold Coast or Melbourne, book a flight from Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Melbourne Airport to Adelaide Airport. Then head to North Adelaide and drive through the Clare Valley wine region to reach the Flinders Ranges.

Valley of the Giants

valley of the giantsImage by www.ytravelblog.com

Be mesmerised by giant tingle trees at the Valley of the Giants, one of Western Australia’s prized gems. These towering trees are found at Walpole, a charming town that’s four and a half hours away from Perth. Growing up to 40 feet, these giant trees create a unique landscape for a variety of plants and animals. Join the Treetop walk and see for yourself why this magnificent forest keeps attracting adventure seekers and nature lovers. Enjoy a heart-stopping view of the area as you walk across the wooden trail that snake across the canopy.

When planning a trip to this valley, you’ll have to book a flight to Perth if you’re coming from Melbourne, Gold Coast, or Brisbane. From Perth, it’s a four and half hour drive to the Valley of the Giants.

Larapinta Trail

larapinta trailImage by NT Tourism

Start your trip at the old Alice Springs telegraph station. You’ll pass through the West MacDonnell Ranges and see plenty of amazing views. Ochre-coloured gorges, sacred indigenous sites, and water holes are sure to keep you occupied during your hike. At night, watch the stars and let the constant humming and chirping of the wildlife help you get a good night’s sleep. Wake up to a breath-taking sunrise and see the sun gorgeously colour your surroundings with varying shades of red, ochre, and brown.

Major cities have direct flights to Alice Springs, so getting to Larapinta Trail is fairly straightforward. From Alice Springs, drive through any of the 4WD routes that connect it to the Kimberley Region.

Fraser Island

fraser islandImage by www.australia.com

The Fraser Island Great Walk provides whole-day and half-day walks that’ll take you through a maze of lush greeneries, woodlands, and rainforests. Visit the sand dunes and crystal clear lakes for a quick swim. Throughout the hike, the scenery changes from heathland, woodland, and rainforest. You’ll encounter a diverse landscape at this hike, so make sure you’re equipped with the right gear and clothing. For shorter walks, you can choose the smaller trails that branch off from the main track.

If you’re coming from Gold Coast or Melbourne, book a flight to Brisbane and enjoy a three and a half-hour drive to Hervey Bay. Or, book a flight from Brisbane Airport to Hervey Bay if you want to make the most of your time. From Hervey Bay, book a barge that’ll take you and your 4WD to Fraser Island.

When planning a bushwalking trip, check the trail and weather conditions. If it’s your first hiking trip, travel with a buddy instead of going on your own. You wouldn’t want to get lost in the middle of nowhere with just a few hours’ supply of water and food. Many of these bushwalking spots are hours away from stores or shops, so you have to be self-sufficient and have your own camping gear, food, and water supply. With enough preparation, exploring Australia’s gorgeously rugged side becomes a stress-relieving experience.

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