Flying with Kids? Practical Tips You Need to Know

Ah, yes, the joys of flying with small kids in tow. No matter how cute and adorable you think they are, expect many passengers to avoid sitting next to you, behind you or in front of you. But can you blame them? They’re probably thinking, “What if this kid acts up and starts crying and wailing for the duration of the trip?”

The last thing you want is to draw attention to yourself because your fellow passengers are getting annoyed with your children’s disruptive behaviour. It can be embarrassing, frustrating, and stressful. So, we’re sharing these simple tips to help keep your kids happy and make your flight a more pleasant experience.

Pack smart

We all know that eating plane food is not a very popular thing, regardless if you’re a child or an adult. So, most parents tend to pack a lot of stuff because they want to appease their kids. However, you’ll also bring all those items with your kids in tow. So, it’s better if you pack the bare minimum because you can always buy whatever you’ll need along the way.

child looking at window
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Keep in mind that kids get cranky when they get bored, tired or hungry. So, be sure to bring low-sugar snacks, like granola bars, pretzels, Cheerios, crackers, or nuts, to keep them happy. For entertainment, keep your children occupied with art supplies or mobile devices that are loaded with their favourite movies.

Encourage sleep

When they get tired, encourage them to take a nap. Help them get on with their regular bedtime routine even if you’re aboard a plane. This will allow them to stick to their sleeping schedules. And while they’re asleep, you can also take this opportunity to rest and reinvigorate yourself.

boy sitting on airplane seat
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Make friends with the crew

If you’re a solo parent, it can be challenging to travel with your child because there are times when you need to ask someone for help.

For example, when you need to go to the bathroom, you can ask one of the cabin crew to look after your child. You can also befriend some of the other parents on the plane. Most people are willing to lend you an extra hand.

Help ease air pressure

As your plane begins to land, your children may feel some pain or discomfort because of the changes in air pressure. You can give them some lollipops to suck on. This will help ease the discomfort they are experiencing in their ears.

Check your belongings

Before you step off the plane, remember to double check your seats and the floor for any items that you and your child might leave behind. Sometimes, when you are overwhelmed, you or your kid may forget your belongings like toys, books, mobile devices, etc., lying around somewhere.

Flying with kids shouldn’t be a huge pain. With enough time and preparation, it can be, in fact, one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have as a parent.

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