5 Ways to Get Your Plane Ticket Refunded

Have you ever experienced purchasing an expensive plane ticket only to find out that you cannot make it to your flight due to an emergency? We’ve (probably) all been there, and things such as natural calamities, family and work emergencies, and illnesses are some of the most common reasons why passengers miss their flights.

Now, wouldn’t you want your plane ticket refunded if you weren’t able to use it? We definitely do, as saving money when travelling is a big yes for us. Here are a few things that you should always remember when trying to get a refund for that expensive yet unused golden ticket of yours.

Check if Your Ticket is Refundable

This is actually a must-check even before buying the ticket. Ask the airline if the ticket is refundable or even flexible, especially if you know or feel like something is going to come up. Before purchasing, read the airline’s terms and conditions regarding flight cancellations. Tickets that are on sale or promo are mostly non refundable, although you can always check with your airline.

Let the Airline Know

And while we are on the topic of calling your airline, make sure to call your airline’s hotline if you know that you cannot make it on time for your flight. Ask the customer service for a refund, and if they say that this isn’t possible, then go ahead and ask for a flight reschedule. A lot of Australian airlines offer a 24-hour window for flight detail changes, which is totally free of charge. So if you know that you are going to miss your flight or accidentally put the wrong information on your flight details, then go ahead and call your airline right away.

Get in Touch With Your Travel Agent

If you booked with a third party travel agent, then make sure to get in contact with them if you know you cannot make it to your flight. They often have strict rules about refunds and flight changes, so make sure to give them a call ASAP and explain why you want a refund.

Give Your Insurance Company a Ring

Although the chance of getting a plane ticket refund is not that huge, there are sometimes exceptions to the rule. Read the terms or give them a call to clear it up, and ask specifically about “trip interruptions”. It all boils down to the airline or the insurance company’s discretion, but assessing your situation is a part of their job, so you just might get lucky.

Contact the ACCC

If all else fails, contact the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission. If you know for a fact that you should definitely get a refund because of your situation, then it’s best to talk to these people. You can file a complaint if you simply want a refund or if an airline promised you a refund, but haven’t delivered yet.

Always check everything before booking and securing a flight. For emergency purposes though, you can always follow the tips enumerated above. Enjoy and have a safe trip!


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