One Fun, FREE, and Fantastic Place to Hang Out In South Bank

When you travel to a new place, visiting a library would be the furthest thing from your mind. More so when you go to a place like South Bank, Brisbane where the entire place is just buzzing with culture and lifestyle. We prefer going to the lush parklands, famous eateries, ritzy river views, and stylish retailers.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this but when you have a limited budget and an extra day during your holiday, you’re going to need some free entertainment. If you’re looking for something different but fab, fun, and (more importantly) free, head out to the State Library of Queensland!

The State Library of Queenslandstate library of queensland

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Step in to this bold, adventurous, and modern library with the people of Queensland. Take in all the history and culture in an inclusive safe haven for all. Listen to the voices of intellectuals, freedom fighters, and storytellers echoing through hundreds of pages. Share, learn, create, and collaborate in Queensland’s hub for intellectual freedom. The State Library of Queensland is a centre for democracy in action, it’s a community that encourages each and every person to have a voice. To help you with your quest for knowledge, in the SLQ, you can:

  • Get access to 50,000 copyright-free Queensland images via Wiki Commons

  • Get access to resource materials (not just books)

  • Use computers with Internet access

  • Use your mobile devices with their open Wi-fi

  • Check out the digital culture centre called The Edge

  • Take some of your research home with their printing and copying facilities

  • Do more in depth reading of rare text at home with their scanning facilities

  • See the Justice of the Peace and Commissioners of Declarations

  • Take advantage of their tourist cards and services

  • Get great perks with your own local membership card

  • Have a quick bite and coffee at the cafe area

  • Check out what’s on in the Auditorium

  • Listen to their music collections

  • Hone those skills in the music practice room

  • Get a free guided tour of the SLQ

What to Do

what to do in slq

So the State Library is a big deal, now what? Aside from the obvious reading, studying, and writing, the SLQ actually has some pretty amazing events for anyone and everyone. You’ll enjoy seeing, hearing, and experiencing the different exhibitions, there’s one nearly every week for kids and adults.

  • Go on a Sunday (well, most Sundays) and head out to the Auditorium to watch films of all genres from classics to cult, to blockbuster, to family, and so much more.

  • Share stories through word and art with multicultural communities.

  • Learn from the innovative and inspiring leaders from technology, creatives, and business.

  • Explore a collection of art in all forms of media, with all sorts of traditional, natural, synthetic, and other quirky materials.

  • Listen to the untold stories of Queenslanders since the first World War.

  • Get to know your own family history. Don’t be shy — ask the attendants! They’d be more than happy to help you.

  • Learn a new skill! They host seminars and courses on everything from public speaking to painting.

  • Take advantage of the free air conditioning (and Wi-fi) on a hot Brisbane day.

  • Have an delicious blueberry muffin in the cafe. Yes, the SLQ has a cafe. Try their other nibbles and delights. It’s a nice way to recharge your mind from all that learning.

For more information on the SLQ’s latest events check out What’s On at SLQ.

From brilliant books to engaging events to exhilarating exhibitions, to delectable delights and so much more, you could easily get lost in a different world in the SLQ. If you’re headed there by car, don’t forget to get a cheap car parking in Brisbane airport service nearby. Although the State Library has its own, they charge $15 per day. Just park somewhere nearby to get a cheaper parking rate.