5 Alternative Accommodation Options You Should Try

You’re planning your next summer trip, but you’re on a tight budget. Good thing you have plenty of options when it comes to affordable accommodations. If hotels and apartment rentals are out of your reach, you still have plenty of other choices. Check out this list of alternative accommodations that’ll help you make the most of your budget.

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travel insurance

What to Look For in a Travel Insurance

The season for holiday-making is here and people are beginning to get into the grunt of their travel planning. There’s flights, travel money cards, accommodation and airport parking to organise! There is also the matter of travel insurance. It may not be the most exciting part of planning your journey, but could be considered as essential. If something does go unexpectedly wrong while you’re travelling, your travel insurer can guide you and provide cover for unexpected emergency expenses.

But not just any policy will do. Travel insurance can vary in what it offers you, so there are a couple of things to look for when choosing your policy.

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stress free christmas

5 Car Tips For A Stress-Free Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly and you can finally whip out that wad of cash you’ve been saving up since January. Christmas time is here and it’s time for you to get those togs out (that’s bathers, swimmers, or swimsuits to non-QLD folk), fire up the BBQ, and start building a sand snowman. Cheeky, I know.

Although it’s the most wonderful time of the year, things can get from wondrous and magical to stressful and exhausting if you’re not prepared.  Before you head out to do some Christmas shopping, deliver gifts, help the needy, or just kick back during a well-deserved holiday; here are a few car tips for a stress-free Christmas.

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