5 Car Tips For A Stress-Free Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly and you can finally whip out that wad of cash you’ve been saving up since January. Christmas time is here and it’s time for you to get those togs out (that’s bathers, swimmers, or swimsuits to non-QLD folk), fire up the BBQ, and start building a sand snowman. Cheeky, I know.

Although it’s the most wonderful time of the year, things can get from wondrous and magical to stressful and exhausting if you’re not prepared.  Before you head out to do some Christmas shopping, deliver gifts, help the needy, or just kick back during a well-deserved holiday; here are a few car tips for a stress-free Christmas.

1. Avoid Street Parking

Notice how I mentioned avoid instead of don’t? Although your vehicle will definitely be safer in a secured carpark, sometimes parking on-street is just unavoidable. You have to go pick up something quick, or go to an hour-long even, or whatever, and the next carpark is 12 blocks away. It’s just not worth the effort. Just remember that your parked car can become an easy target for a drunk partygoer or five during the festive season.

2. Don’t Leave Valuables In Your Car

When thieves see anything shiny or even remotely valuable in your car, they will break in and steal whatever they can before you realize that your alarms are going off. If you think you’re being clever by inconspicuously hiding your laptop under your seat, think again. No matter how discreet you are, a trained eye can see the hidden items under your seat or in the glove compartment.

3. Make Sure Your Car’s In Mint Condition

If you’re leaving your car at home, make sure that you leave it in mint condition. From keeping it away from any shelves or tools, pumping your tyres to maximum pressure, to actually getting it washed before you head out. It’s not enough for you to bribe your neighbour to check on your car because for the most part, they’ll just check to see if it’s there. I doubt if they’ll start your car every day and take the time to see if it’s still in good running condition. Not sure what to check for? Here’s a full list on How to Keep Your Car Safe When You’re Away On Holiday.

4. Secure All Entrances, Exits, & Other Dangerous Items

Obviously, you should secure your home and garage with locks, chains, and all other necessary measures, but what about the tiny entrances that aren’t necessarily for humans? You never really know when a stray cat, possum, or rather large rat can come in and damage your car somehow. On that note, you should take down any items that could possibly drop or damage your car. If said stray animal hits let’s say a can of paint on one of the shelves, the can could drop onto and ruin your car. That’s not the nicest sight to come home to after a Christmas holiday.

5. Book a Car Parking Space

Let’s say you’re headed out to Sydney for Christmas — today. You completely forgot to pump your tyres and cover up all the possible pest entrances. Your neighbour just left to visit his family in Melbourne, and you’re there worried that your car may not be as safe at home as you’d like it to be. You could just do all the security measures and car tuning until before you leave, but if you don’t want to deal with it last minute, just book a car parking space. If you’re flying out to Sydney anyway, better if you get cheap Brisbane Airport Parking. That way you can just leave your car to the pros where there’s 24 hour security. You can even have your car washed you can come home to a sparkling clean car without needing to lift a finger.

Don’t spend the Yuletide season worrying about your vehicle. Whether you’re driving out to shop for or deliver presents, going on a road trip, or leaving your car at home, you can always prep for a stress-free Christmas. It’s all a matter of having a little know-how, or paying the pros who do! Good luck and have a holly jolly holiday!