Passenger Behaviours that Flight Attendants Wish Would Stop

Flying can be fun. You sit in the comfy seats, have the attendants bring you some food, and watch the in-flight movie while you fall asleep covered in your blanket. It truly is travelling in style and comfort. But have you ever stopped to think the flight attendants feel about you or other passenger behaviours?

Stop Doing That!

Media has always portrayed flight attendants as having this glamorous life with a job that lets them travel the world and visit different places. While some of that is indeed true, they have failed to mention that during the entire flight, they can’t sit back and relax as you do. They are on the job and need to ensure that your needs are met.

Imagine being stuck on a plane with a crying baby, an angry passenger who needs to let you and the whole cabin know just how wrong it is to serve him a cup of water without ice is, and not being allowed to sit down unless everyone onboard was happy and or sleeping.

That is the life of a flight attendant. And today, we share with you some of the many things they wish passengers would stop doing during their flight.

Not Saying Hello

not saying hello

Being polite can go a long way. When you board the plane, make sure to at least address the flight attendants you will be sharing your flight with. After all, they are the ones in charge of your refreshments. The least you can do is greet them hello when boarding the plane.

And on that note, be polite when asking them for a request. They are not your servants and should be treated how you want to be treated.

Feet on Walls or Passenger’s’ seat

feet up on the walls
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There are very few places where putting up your feet is acceptable. Those places are at your house, while you’re fishing, or when you are kicking a guy who is trying to rob an old lady.

But putting your feet up on the plane? And right behind another passenger’s seat or the walls? That is unacceptable, and you deserve stale hamburger buns as your in-flight meal.

It’s unsanitary for you to put up your feet like that, especially barefooted. Not everyone is comfortable with you doing that, and the flight attendants do not care for such antics.

Not Listening to the Safety Presentation

not listening to the safety presentation

At school, it’s fun to not listen to your teacher as she explains how rounding off numbers work. But it’s not fun anymore when they need to take a test after. It’s even worse because they don’t know how to do anything. 

With that said, listen to the safety presentation the flight attendants are giving before the flight. Not only is it the respectful thing to do, but it might just save your life in case of an emergency.

Entitled Passengers

entitled passengers

Some passengers feel like because they paid for their ticket and their right to be onboard, that they have ALL the rights. They think they can do whatever they want. 

These passengers need to learn that they are not the only passengers on the plane and that they should be more mindful of the things they do.

Walking Barefoot

walking barefoot

Some passengers feel uncomfortable wearing their shoes for the entire flight. That’s all well and good, but walking around the cabin, or worse, the bathroom in your bare feet is disgusting.

The bathroom is filthy, and you are willingly subjecting yourself to germs and other bacteria that might make your trip more troubling than it should be.

Don’t be the passenger the flight attendants wish they can throw off the plane “by accident”. Be the passenger that the attendants will want to help out as much as they can. It’s not that hard to do, and you’ll be helping make someone else’s day.

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