More Australians are choosing Vietnam

Bali has always been a popular holiday destination for Aussies, but more are choosing Vietnam.

The recent natural disasters in Indonesia has greatly affected the country’s tourism, and as a result, a lot of tourists are changing plans, and deciding to visit Vietnam instead, for their holiday.

Why visit Vietnam

Vietnam has a lot to offer. Everywhere you go, there is undoubtedly something there to strike your interest. Here are a few reasons to travel to Vietnam:

Local culture

Vietnamese culture has been around for over a thousand years. Sure, you can read about it in travel blogs and articles online. Pictures can also give context, but nothing can take the place of actually immersing yourself in the local culture yourself.

Architecture and Archaeology

Throughout history, Vietnam served as the crossroads of civilisations, and it left its mark on this beautiful country, which can be seen through its architecture. Some of which include:

The Dai Viet civilisation, whose Chinese-influenced architecture can be seen on the historic Temple of Literature, the ancient university that served Vietnam’s elite residents centuries ago.


The Vietnamese people had a lot of influence when it comes to preparing their food. So much so, that people from Hanoi and Saigon will gladly debate on how to make pho, a local noodle dish properly. You will never go hungry in this country, and there will be various types of dishes to try during your stay including cao lau noodles and banh mi.

Vietnam War history

Everyone knows about the Vietnam war. Memorials can be found all over the city, and you may learn a bit more about it. Some of the more popular war memorial sites around the country can be found in Saigon and Hanoi.

The natural beauty

When all’s said and done, the country’s natural beauty will take your breath away. Up north, you will find geological wonders like the Ha Long Bay and Hanoi’s many lakes. While in central Vietnam, you can see sand dunes in red and white hues near the town of Mui Ne among others.

Ready to go on your next adventure? Create your plans today and make sure to enjoy your stay in Vietnam with whoever you choose to take with you on your trip.

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