Fly Smart: How to Stay Healthy on a Plane

Want to avoid getting sick on a plane? Of course, you do! Nothing sucks more than being stuck in a confined space with lots of passengers and not knowing whether they’re carrying some sort of contagious disease.

You’ve probably had your fair share of frightening tales about how easy it is to get infected by unknowingly touching any surface that’s contaminated with germs. So, if you want to stay disease-free when travelling by air, check out these tips we’ve listed below.

Be prepared.

Before you even board your flight, you need to make a list of all essentials items you need to bring along. This includes medicine, hand sanitiser, facial tissues, antibacterial wipes, among others. Be sure to have them all stored in one place, like a carry-on bag. So, you can keep them handy whenever you need to use them straight away.

Boost your immune system.

If you’re in the habit of taking vitamins every day, then you shouldn’t have any problems in increasing your resistance against all sorts of germs and bacteria you might catch on your flight. Also, make sure you are well-rested by getting enough sleep as this also helps in strengthening your immune system.

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Be aware of what you touch.

It is easy to transfer germs to your eyes, nose or mouth when your hands come in contact with an unsanitary surface or any object during your flight. So, make sure you always wash your hands with soap and water to reduce the chances of catching a communicable disease.

Wipe your seat clean.

Before you sit down and buckle up, take out one of your antibacterial wipes and use it to clean and disinfect your seat area. Make sure to wipe it thoroughly, including the armrests, tray table, seat belt and even the seat pockets.

woman drinking water

Drink plenty of water.

Before you board your plane, be sure to drink enough water. This helps in reducing that run down feeling you get after a long flight. Also, staying hydrated during and after your flight helps in warding off illnesses.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know when you are getting enough liquids during your flight. But if you drink too much, you might find yourself going to the loo frequently. So, have a cup or two of water every hour.

Also, avoid drinking any alcoholic drinks or caffeinated beverages as these can act as a diuretic and make you dehydrate a lot faster.

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Move around when you have the chance.

Staying stuck in your seat for long hours can keep your blood from circulating properly. So, try to move, get up from your position, and walk around for a bit. Stretch your legs to restore blood flow and prevent getting cramps.

Bring your own snacks.

Airplane food is not known for tasting good. So, it’s better if you bring your own healthy snacks. Also, if an unexpected delay happens, you’ll be better off having something to eat while waiting.

Wear suitable clothing.

Sudden changes in temperature can cause you to get sick. So, make sure you wear appropriate clothes during your flight. It helps when you’re wearing layered clothing. So, you have a choice to remove your sweater or jacket when it gets warm or put them on when it gets cold.

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One more thing

After your flight, you can manage jet lag by adjusting to the time zone of the country you’re visiting. It helps when you follow the right time to sleep. If there is a huge difference in the local time zone, you can temporarily use some sleeping aids, like melatonin, to help you fall asleep quickly.

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