Best Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

We all have at least one person in our social circle who does a lot of travelling. With Christmas just around the corner, it can get overwhelming to find a suitable present for our loved ones.

However, you can save yourself a lot of time and reduce the holiday stress with these gift suggestions for your friends and family who love to travel.


Travel bag

You can’t have enough bags when you’re a frequent traveller. It would be great if you can get one that is water resistant to protect your personal belongings from getting water damaged.

packing cubes
Image credit – Chris Waits via Flickr

Packing cubes

Keep all your personal belongings organised with these packing cubes.

travel organiser
Image credit – mroach via Flickr

Travel organiser

Keep all your important documents, like passport, IDs, and visa, money, credit cards, you name it, in one secure place.

woman drinking water

Water bottle

You never know when you need a drink while you’re out and about. Get a spill proof water bottle to prevent accidents from happening.

hiking shoes
Image credit – Virginia State Parks via Flickr

Hiking shoes

Ideal for those who love going on hiking trails. It can protect their feet from stepping on sharp objects and such.

sunglasses on dashboard
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When the weather is hot, you can shield your eyes from the glaring sunlight and look very cool at the same time.

tilley hat
Image credit – Wikipedia – Tilley hat

Tilley hat

Protect yourself from the blazing heat with this handy and fashionable hat.

Image credit – Toshiyuki IMAI via Flickr


For the long drive or unexpected flight delays, you can keep yourself entertained by listening to some tunes or your favourite podcasts.

power bank
Image credit – Wikipedia – power bank

External phone charger

You can’t always find a convenient place to charge your mobile or tablet, so having an external phone charger will make sure your electronic devices are powered up.

first aid kit
Image credit – DLG Images via Flickr

First aid kit

Great to have this first aid kit handy in case of an emergency. Better to be safe than sorry.

woman using hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

You can accumulate plenty of germs along the way, so it’s better if you have something to sanitise your hands to avoid getting sick.

toiletry kit
Image credit – Ryan McFarland via Flickr

Toiletry kit

Those long hours of travelling can make you look haggard really quick. Freshen up with this toiletry kit while you’re on the go.

belt bag
Image credit – sundyme via Flickr

Belt bag

Sometimes, there’s not enough room in our pockets, especially if we need to bring a lot of items along. This handy belt bag will help solve that problem.

compass in somebody's hand


Can’t make sense which is East or West? Keep this compass handy to make sure you don’t get lost on your journey.

man wearing sleep mask
Image credit – Stanley Wood via Flickr

Sleep mask

Even the slightest source of light can keep you awake. So, cover up your eyes with this sleep mask.

neck pillow
Image credit – blinkfuel via Flickr

Neck pillow

Stay comfortable and get a good night’s sleep while you’re on a plane, car or bus with this neck pillow.

Image credit – Wikipedia – earplug


If you’re a light sleeper, it’s easy to get bothered by the ambient noise. In case the person sitting next to you is snoring loudly, or there’s a child who just won’t stop screaming, these earplugs will come in handy.

bath towel
Image credit Pixabay – towel

Bath towel

If you’re going for an impromptu swim at the nearest beach, this bath towel will definitely be useful.

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