What to Look For in a Travel Insurance

The season for holiday-making is here and people are beginning to get into the grunt of their travel planning. There’s flights, travel money cards, accommodation and airport parking to organise! There is also the matter of travel insurance. It may not be the most exciting part of planning your journey, but could be considered as essential. If something does go unexpectedly wrong while you’re travelling, your travel insurer can guide you and provide cover for unexpected emergency expenses.

But not just any policy will do. Travel insurance can vary in what it offers you, so there are a couple of things to look for when choosing your policy.

1. Medical Cover – which will cover pre-existing conditions

Medical Cover is the first thing travellers look for in travel insurance. Some insurers may cap the amount, while others offer unlimited cover for unexpected sickness and injury. Getting a high level of medical cover is a priority, but it is also important to check if your insurer can provide cover for any pre-existing medical conditions you have as well. Pre-existing medical conditions include anything you have been diagnosed with, take medication for, or if you’ve had surgery. Fast Cover is one company which provides cover for 43 pre-existing medical conditions automatically, including diabetes, high blood pressure and food intolerances. See if your insurer provides cover for your medical conditions, just in case!

2. Cancellation cover

While a policy providing cover for medical emergencies only is often cheaper, you might want cancellation cover that provides cover for losing any deposits should you get sick or injured before the departure date. Cancellation cover can bring you peace of mind, knowing that you got cover whether you’re travelling internationally or domestically. If you don’t have cancellation cover you might end up spending hundreds or thousands on accommodation, tours, flights or a cruise that you won’t be able to use. With insurance, you can recover in comfort knowing your money can be put towards a trip at a later date!

3. Cover your precious items!

The amount of luggage cover offered by your insurer may not refer to specific precious items! There is often a capped amount of cover for valuables such as cameras, laptops and phones. If you’re taking the brand new camera your mum got you as an early Christmas gift, make sure it can be covered!

4. Activities

Riding a motorcycle, moped or elephant, hang-gliding or kayaking may not automatically be covered by your insurer. That means if you get injured doing an activity, you might not have your medical expenses covered. If you’re planning to do an adventurous activity while away, find out whether your insurer provides cover for it.

5. Rental Car Excess

Going on a road trip in a rented car overseas? If that’s the case keep an eye out for a policy offering cover for rental car excess. This will provide cover should your rented car become damaged.

6. A low price tag

If you’re a bargain hunter, you’ll be looking for the best deal on your travel insurance. To make sure you do, try buying directly from an insurer rather than buying from a travel agent, cruise line or airline, which can take higher commissions.