3 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Australia

St. Patrick’s Day is a widely celebrated event in Australia. Irish people, and even those who are Irish at heart, celebrate the day by partying and attending events all throughout Australia. The country is home to a huge number of Irish residents, and is actually the third most popular destination for Irish citizens – so it’s no surprise that this day is a widely celebrated one in Australia.

If you want to be a part of the special event, then you have to learn how to be one with the Irish people. Here, we discuss how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Australia.

Attend the different events all over Australia

This is the best way to be festive and feel the St. Patrick’s vibe. Here are some of the most visited events and places all over the country:

    • P.J O’ Brien’s Irish Pub in Melbourne – In Melbourne, it has been a tradition to order the awesome Irish breakfast at P.J. O’ Brien during Paddy’s Day. Watch out for the live Irish entertainment as well, plus special food and drinks during the day.
    • Young & Jackson in Melbourne – Invite your friends for some drinks at the Young & Jackson for some St. Pats Day shenanigans. Dance and sing to the live music from 2 PM onward while having some Irish food specials and some Guinness.
    • Elysium Lakeside in Brisbane – If you’re from Brisbane, then you can try visiting the Elysium Lakeside for some Guinness and Irish food. Live entertainment will also be provided from 6 – 9 PM.
    • Wolf Lane in Perth – Drink to your heart’s desire (responsibly, of course) by visiting the Wolf Lane and attending the happiest hour. Drink specials, cocktails, beers, wine, and spirits will be served at the venue.
    • Gloucester Park in Perth – Witness harness racing together with live entertainment while enjoying some Irish cuisine at the Gloucester Park.
    • St. Patrick’s Day in Sydney – Visit the Prince Alfred Park on March 19, Sunday, to experience St. Pats Day in true Irish style. Marching bands, Irish dancers, and stalls featuring local crafts and traditional Irish goodies will also be present in the area.

Give the Irish markets a visit

Head on to the Flemington market and Haymarket and shop for fresh produce, Irish souvenirs, clothing, and electronics. Hundreds and thousands of Irish people sell their stuff here, and you are sure to find some very good Irish food in the market.

Wear Green!

This is probably the most well-known practice during St. Patrick’s day. The Irish people believe that wearing Green during St. Pats Day will make them invisible to leprechauns and fairies who would possibly pinch people who’s not wearing green. It is one of the colors of the country’s tricolor flag, too, and wearing green is like paying your respect. It doesn’t matter what piece you’re wearing as long as it’s green – green shirt, green pants, green skirt, green makeup, or even green hair! Alternatively, you can also wear a symbol of Ireland, including a brooch in the shape of a shamrock or a harp. Images of leprechauns and pots of gold can also be seen for promotional materials for St. Pats Day.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate responsibly!


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