Packing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Have you ever found yourself struggling with what to bring on your trip? Do you often bring too much of everything like socks or underwear?

If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Even the most well-travelled person can make these mistakes. It’s often a case of what you want to bring versus what you need to bring.

So, when you find yourself in this predicament, avoid the temptation of throwing caution to the wind and bringing everything.

Because if you do overpack, it may cost you some serious money, especially when you exceed the weight limit that airlines charge. While we all have our unique way of packing items, there are some stuff you can do without.

Overpacking clothes

Clothing can take up a lot of space on your suitcases. So, if you avoid packing too many clothes, you can significantly lessen your load.

While understandable that you don’t want to run out of clean underwear, for example, you need to find the right balance between changing your clothes too many times in a day and wearing the same outfit for the whole trip.

One easy way to avoid overpacking clothes is to spend some time to keep track of everything you’ll need to wear on your trip. You can write a simple list or bundle these clothes together in separate piles. Then try to sort them out and determine which clothes you can leave behind.

Also, you can check the weather of the destination you’re travelling to and pack accordingly before you leave. In case there’s a sudden change in the weather forecast, you can always buy a jacket or whatever you need and have that as a keepsake of your trip.

make-up kit

Don’t bring all your beauty products

If you have a whole plethora of beauty products that use every day, try not to bring everything on your trip. While it’s important to look our best during our trip, maybe you can try to streamline your beauty regimen.

Leave some of the products you use when you’re at home. Many hotels often provide free toiletries, especially the classier ones. So, you can try using those in the meantime and reduce your load in the process.

valuable items

Avoid bringing valuable items

Nothing can ruin your trip more than losing an expensive or valuable item like jewellery or a family heirloom. If you can’t stand the thought of losing these precious items, just leave them safely at home.

Besides, these valuable items like gold rings or diamond necklace will only make you a target for unsavoury individuals while you are overseas. Maybe you can forgo looking too fancy temporarily while you’re out and about and reduce the risk of getting mugged.

If you must bring jewellery or expensive items, keep them in a safe at your hotel. Only wear them if you’re going to attend a special event, for example. But don’t keep your valuables in your checked bags at all costs and bring them in your carry-on instead.

passengers at airport

Buy instead of pack

If you’re going to a place where the items are way cheaper, just buy them. For example, if you need to buy common items like nail polish or razors, you can easily find those things at the local store. You can even buy maps or a guidebook, or just look up any information you need online and avoid buying anything at all.

So, the next time you fly, you’ll enjoy the perks of travelling light and avoid any hassles of packing your suitcase.

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