Easter Celebrations Around the World

When you hear Easter, the first thing that comes to mind is the Easter Bunny. And if you’re a Catholic, it signifies the resurrection of Christ. Though, not everyone sees Easter as one way or the other.

In fact, different countries have different ways to celebrate Easter. And if you’re wondering just how they do it, then you have come to the right place.

Easter Around the World

While some are busy hunting colourful eggs and eating chocolate bunnies, other people are getting ready to celebrate it in their traditional way. From religious celebrations to paying for their sins the way Christ did, here are a few ways each country celebrates the Easter holidays:


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The Greeks have a unique way of celebrating Easter. Traditionally, they hold a mass on Easter Saturday night, and a fireworks display at midnight signifies the start on Sunday. Once the service is over, everyone goes home and have some lamb’s stomach soup before bed.

In other Greek Islands, however, the celebrations are a bit different. Some hurl clay pots out of the window on Easter Saturday, and a battle between two churches armed with firework rockets can also be seen as a standard way to celebrate the holiday.

Seville, Spain


In Spain, processions featuring floats with religious statues and candles is routine leading up to Easter. These floats are often followed by marching bands along with a crowd of worshippers. The entire event is nothing short of normal regarding a Catholic celebration.

What makes it unique are the masked penitents or Nazarenos. The nazarenos wear habits with pointed hoods, and they can often be seen with the procession. Their processions start at midnight and continue into the early hours of Easter morning.

Texas, USA

lamb cake

A more peaceful celebration, Texans from the town of Fredericksburg set up what they call Easter Fires every Saturday before Easter Sunday. It is said that these fires signify the peace treaty with the Comanche Indians back in 1847.

But a story told to the kids is that the Easter Bunny starts the fires so he can dye the eggs. As part of this Texan tradition, they serve lamb cakes for Easter: a cake in the shape of a lamb that symbolises new beginnings.


church bell france

If you thought that the Easter Bunny was a bit strange, then prepare to meet the flying bells of France. In France, churches would stop ringing their bells on the days leading up to Easter. This is to remember the passing of Jesus.

Now, the story they give their children is that the bells stop ringing because the bells magically come out of their towers and fly to Rome to visit the Pope. And upon their return, they drop coloured eggs and candy for the children to find and enjoy. Wholesome and a great alternative to the Easter Bunny.

To us, some of these practices may seem a little crazy. But to these people, it is something so normal that no one even bats an eye. It’s all a matter of respecting your differences. You might also enjoy some of these practices yourself.

And with that said, you can plan a vacation next Easter to some of these places and celebrate Easter the way locals do. And when you go, leave your car with us here at Alpha Airport Parking to ensure that it is safe while you are away.


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