Best packing tips for travellers

Going on a trip means making sure you have everything in your luggage. Sure, you can just throw in your clothes into your suitcase and be off, but wouldn’t you like to be a bit more organised, so you don’t have to dump out everything when looking for one particular piece of clothing?

Handy packing tips for your next trip

Trips are always exciting. The one thing a lot of people hate about it, however, is packing. But when you know what to pack for your trip, that’s already half the battle. The next part is making sure everything fits into your suitcase. And that’s where these packing tips come in:


  • Roll and stuff. To maximise the space in your suitcase, roll your clothes instead of folding them. That way, you can save space have enough room for your other items.
  • Prevent stains. To prevent stains on light coloured shirts, make sure to pack them inside out. This way, you won’t have to worry about your clothes looking dirty.
  • Use organisers. If you can, use organisers so you can separate all of your clothes and to make finding a particular article of clothing a lot easier.


  • Portions. For shampoos, lotions and body wash, make sure to portion them into small bottles and place them inside a clear, resealable bag.
  • Vitamins/pills. If you are currently taking any medication, only pack enough medicine and vitamins for the trip.
  • Small first aid. Prepare a small first aid kit containing bandages and medication for headaches and stomachaches. Manage how much you plan to put in your kit.


  • Bring essentials. Packing your devices for a trip requires more finesse. After all, one bad drop can render them useless. That is why it is crucial to pack only the gadgets you know you will use on your trip. That can include your camera or tablet. Don’t bring a device you won’t be able to use during your trip like a laptop on the beach.


  • Fit for walking. Wear your most comfortable shoes for walking during the trip, especially if you will be in for a long flight. A good pair of shoes will be essential especially if you are looking to do a lot of sightseeing during your trip.
  • Don’t overpack. Pack just enough shoes for your trip. Choose to pack dress shoes if you’re going on a business trip, along with a pair of thongs, so you’re not always wearing shoes.
  • Avoid new shoes. If you recently bought new shoes, make sure you have worn them in before deciding to take them with you. This will avoid blisters and uncomfortable walks.

When you utilise your entire suitcase, you will be able to bring more to your destination without having to carry another bag with you. So, make sure you follow these packing tips and get the most out of your next out of town trip.

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