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5 Weird Items You Didn’t Know Were Banned In the Airport

You already know that you shouldn’t bring more than 100ml of your liquid hygiene products, weapons of any kind, and illegal substances to the airport. While common sense and a bit of online research can help you figure out what you should and shouldn’t bring to your flight, sometimes the most unexpected things can cause a bit of a scrimmage before you board your plane. Here are a few of them:

1. Art Equipment

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If you’ve been offered an art scholarship abroad or if you were planning to paint all the spectacular sceneries during your trip, you might want to get new paints and equipment when you land. You can try to bring your important art equipment along but you’re going to have to pray to every deity you know that your most prized possessions pass aviation security. Even if you do consider them to be a way for self expression or tools for social justice, chances are they won’t make it with you to the plane because of the “dangerous” chemicals they may or may not contain.

2. Cigarette Lighters (Multiple)

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A lighter is one of those emergency items that people don’t think about. However, as quoted from the official ruling, “you are not allowed to bring any objects in your hand baggage that could cause injury to yourself and other passengers.” Unfortunately, having more than one lighter counts as ob objects that could cause injury. The funny thing is, despite this ruling, “you must keep the lighter on your person throughout the flight.” This means putting it back on your baggage after screening is a big no-no. But wouldn’t the lighter pose more danger to other passengers if it was in the hands of an actual person instead of safely inside a bag? I’m just sayin’.

3. Peroxide

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Everybody knows that “Chemicals and Toxic Substances” are included that that list of JUST DON’T BRING IT in airports. From tear gas to poisons, to laboratory specimens, cultures, and organisms, these substances have the potential to create a big problem for everyone on board. But did you know that peroxide is part of that list of chemicals and toxic substances? From cleaning wounds to getting rid of blood stains (girls, you know what I mean) to bleaching your hair, this stuff is a big part of life and sadly you can’t bring any of it with you. So remember to dye your hair before the trip! Otherwise, you’ll have to buy your own stuff on holiday.

4. Snow Globes

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If snow globes are your choice of souvenirs then you’re out of luck. Chances are they’re going to be confiscated by airport security. Before you panic and throw out all of the snow globes in your home, know that there’s nothing dangerous or toxic about it. Maybe except if it breaks into shards. The main reason why they might not let you take it with you is the amount of liquid it holds. Chances are, it’s over the 100ml limit they set.

Preparation is key to a trip with minimal hiccups. Make sure that you set your accommodations, book your airport car parking, and double check your luggage for possible no-no’s. Honestly, who wants to get stuck in the airport when there are prettier places to be?

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