stay safe while travelling

Staying Safe When Travelling

People travel to loosen up, relax, and get out of their busy lives. We don’t usually think about what’s about to happen, we just pretty much prepare for the whole holiday by setting out our itineraries, planning for our outfits, and basically getting ready for our trip. However, we should always be ready and prepare for our safety, most especially since we are going to a place where we are not that familiar with.

Along with Alpha Airport Parking Gold Coast, we discuss the things that you should do in case a threat or danger comes up while you are travelling:

Do not panic

I know that this is easier said than done, but believe me, staying calm all throughout the chaos can save your life. If you can and if there is no immediate harm near you, then it is better to stop for a while and think about what you are going to do. Do not run along with other people, especially if it is a big crowd, as you can get caught in a stampede. If you are in a situation wherein you have to flee though, do your best to keep your senses active and leave in a fast but calm manner.
Be informed
Before booking a flight to a certain area, the first thing that you should do is read and be informed. Check if it is safe to travel to that certain country, and if it is not dangerous to travel during a certain period. The country’s ministries and Departments of Foreign Affairs usually give out alerts or go signals about a country’s safety. For Australians, the Smartraveller website is a good choice if you want to check if travelling to a certain country is safe.
Be familiar
Once you have made sure that it is clear and it is safe enough for you to travel to your chosen country, it is now time to plan your emergency exits. Sure, it might be safe, but let’s face it – danger and accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. The most important thing to do is be familiar with the places that you are planning on visiting and see where you can go if ever an immediate danger presents itself. Research about the nearest hospitals, police stations, and hotels that you can go to.
Watch the news
It’s always better to be in the loop, especially when it comes to current affairs. Know if there is a heightened alert of some sort in the country that you are planning to visit, and if there is, then it is better to reschedule your trip once the situation have subsided.
Research about upcoming events
Huge events such as religious festivals, concerts, political events, and anniversaries can be a prime target for attackers. Read up about what’s happening during the dates that you are travelling to a certain city or country, and just avoid the area whenever a huge event is happening. You may want to just lay low and stay at non-crowded areas, as it would be convenient and easier for you as well.

Live life to the fullest and never let anything stop you from reaching your travel goals! Just be safe while doing it, and you are going to be completely fine. Happy travels and stay safe!

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