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Tips to Easily Navigate Your Way Through the Airport

Airports in Australia can get super busy, especially during the holidays. The long lines and the crowd can be too much to handle for most travellers, and travelling unprepared is simply not an option. Get to your seat faster and easier by following these tips we’ve curated for Aussie travellers:

Airport Parking

Taking a cab or uber to the airport can be pretty expensive, so why not take your own car instead? You can leave it at nearby airport parking lots, like this airport parking in Brisbane. Aside from it being affordable, it is also safe, convenient, and hassle-free.


Every traveller is quite aware that bringing sharp objects, weapons, and illegal goods to the airport is strictly prohibited. What most of us do not know though, is that bringing liquids such as perfume, bottles of water, lotion, shampoo, facial toner, and the likes can pretty much delay our flight. According to the Australian Government Aviation Security, here are some of the most useful tips that you should remember when packing liquids inside your hand luggage.

  1. Liquids such as aerosol and gel products must be stored in a 100 ml container or less.
  2. The containers must be stored in a resealable plastic bag, with the four sides of the bag sealed to no more than 80 cm. The bag must be transparent and the containers must fit nicely inside.
  3. One bag per passenger is allowed.
  4. Partial or full containers that are 100 ml or bigger will not be allowed to go through past the security screening point.
  5. Baby products such as milk and food are the only exemption to the rule.

Check-In Counter

Most check-in counters open 24 hours before departure for both domestic and international flights. The more time you allot for check-in, the more seat choices you’ll have. You should allot at least 3 hours before your flight – earlier even – if the traffic is bad in your area. The most common mistake that people do when going to the airport for a flight is leaving the house an hour before their flight – which usually results to them being late and possibly missing their flight. When you’re early for check-in, you get to choose your seat, you can still relax, watch a movie, or read a book, and you’ll have enough time for possible delays.

Customs and Security Checks

Travellers can now enjoy going through customs and security checks by using the SmartGates at the departure area. Even non ePassport holders can be processed by these gates, and can recognize nearly every nationality. The SmartGates prevents the queue from getting longer, and it also aims to provide the travellers with the convenience that they deserve.

Boarding and Getting on the Plane

In every single airport, you can expect that once the plane has arrived, people will come flocking to the gate – as everyone wants to go first. Do yourself a favour and make a change – let the elderly, kids, and persons with disability go first. You can also save yourself from all of the hassle by making sure to pack only the essentials – the things that you only truly need during your flight – in your hand luggage. Have all of your necessary documents ready – your passport and boarding pass – to avoid keeping the line from moving.

Have a safe trip and remember to always be alert and ready for anything!

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