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Ultimate Safety Guide for Events

Accidents and different incidents can happen in a blink of an eye, even in the most unexpected places. Enclosed places such as concert arenas, stadiums, and any covered area such as the Brisbane Airport Parking are usually easy targets for an attack, and can easily be a pit for a huge stampede.

We come in clueless, excited to watch a show and have fun, but have we even thought about our safety? Are we prepared if ever something is about to happen? We should, and today, we’re going to give you the low-down on what to do in case an emergency happens during a huge event.

Things That You Must Do:

  1. Know where the emergency exits are. Be familiar with your seat, how far it is from the emergency exit, and how many there is that you can run to in case of an emergency. Familiarize yourself with the whole layout of the area or stadium, and download the chart on your phone so you have a cheat sheet in case anything happens.
  2. Communicate. If you are going with someone else or a huge group, make sure that you exchange numbers and that you have a designated meeting place in case something happens.
  3. Take note of the security. Before and while entering the area, make sure to check where the security officers are posted – at least you know where to go and look for help.
  4. Look for a safe place. If you see a closet or a room that you can hide in, then take note of that, as you can use it to hide in case of an attack later on. You can even take a picture of it if you think you will remember it easier that way.
  5. Trust your gut. If you see someone that you think looks suspicious, you can always notify the event staff or security about it. Remember: it’s always better to act on it that feel sorry later.

Things That You Must NOT Do:

  1. Do not panic. Easier said than done, but staying calm amidst the chaos can really help save your life. Breathe, think, and think of a plan wherein you can get out of the situation safely.
  2. Do not stay beside a flammable item or glass that could easily shatter. This is to avoid being hurt or wounded.
  3. Do not get caught in a stampede. Once you notice people running and pushing each other, stay away. Hide somewhere the attacker cannot see you, and plan an exit where you know you can get out safe and unharmed.

You should not stop yourself from going out and living your best life, but practicing safety precautions won’t do you any harm, either. Enjoy the event, but make sure to always stay safe and alert!

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