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Good Hygiene When Travelling is Really Important

A recent study of how long a germ may stay present and active in an airplane has revealed some shocking data.

The test involved the placement of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and E coli O157: H7 onto items such as plastic trays, metal toilet buttons, armrests, window shades, seat pockets, and even the leather used in some seats.

It was discovered that under normal conditions MRSA can survive for up to a whopping 168 hours or 7 days whilst E coli lived for 4 days or 96 hours.

Whilst an airline will employ every effort to clean a plane’s interior, it is difficult to guarantee every single surface in the plane can be thoroughly cleaned to ensure a passenger’s good health remains uncompromised during a journey.

Just keep in mind that there are many viruses and diseases that can be contracted via the skin that have not been tested.

So How Can You Protect Yourself?

Whilst the use of germ killing hand gels have grown in popularity, it has been revealed that you may expose yourself to higher risks of damaging health issues by using them.

Perhaps a better way to move forward in protecting yourself is to carry the common baby wipes to wipe things down around you when you first take your seat.

Baby wipes in and of themselves do not kill the bacteria, rather they simply remove it from the environment thus allowing you peace of mind when handling anything during a flight.

Gloves could be another option. It has become fashionable in some places to where these and certainly in this day and age of anything goes, no one would bat an eye lid at the sight of someone wearing them.

Wash your hands regularly. If you need to use the bathroom in a plane, you would be wise to wash your hands afterwards thus removing any germs you may have picked up whilst using the facilities.

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