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Most Isolated Cities Around the World

Isolation is horrible. Imagine having to deal with everything on your own without having anyone else around to help you. Now, picture yourself living in a city where you have all of your needs, but the next town over is more than a 1000km away. That is the life of residents in the towns described below.

Isolated as a City

People need time to be alone, to have some peace away from everyone. These cities are located in various parts of the world, and each city is unique. But one thing they have in common is their isolation. Here are a few of these cities:

Svalbard Archipelago, Norway 

Svalbard, Norway

A set of islands where all around you is snow, glaciers, and more snow, Svalbard Archipelago in Norway located in the Arctic Ocean and is about midway from the North Pole. The archipelago is best known for its skiing spots, and the Northern Lights. Fans of TV show Fortitude will immediately recognise the city as the show was filmed in Svalbard.

Sandhills, Nebraska

Sandhills, Nebraska

If you’re not fond of neighbours, Sandhills is the perfect place for you. Sandhills is best known for its flat, rolling farmland with cornfields all around. The scenery will remind you of Amish country, and there are hardly any residents left as the younger generations have chosen to move to the big city. They don’t have much regarding tourist attractions, but the scenery is often enough to attract nature photographers looking for amazing places to capture through their lens.

Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

Iqaluit, Canada

Iqaluit is one of the most isolated cities in the great country of Canada. The town is diverse with most of the population consisting of white, black, Asian, and Latin American heritage. It’s so small that there are no traffic signals on the road, and it is the only city in Canada without a highway. It’s a great place to move for people looking for high paying jobs (depending on your field).

Nuuk, Greenland

Nuuk, Greenland

Nuuk is a great place for people who enjoy spending time outdoors. Unlike Sandhills, Nebraska, Nuuk is a city with a lot to offer its visitors including whale watching, sailing, hiking, cruises, and even skiing. You won’t run out of fun things to do in this town, as they just go to show that big things come in small packages.

Cocos Islands, Australia

Cocos Island, Australia

If you’re thinking about your retirement as early as now, a place to consider for your retirement home is Cocos Islands in Australia. The town is so isolated that it takes roughly two months for the residents to receive their mail. Thus, it might not be the best place to settle down if you’re big on online shopping. The island may also not be ideal if you plan to raise a family here, as there is only one high school on the island. It’s a great place to visit, but if asked if it is an excellent place to live, it is entirely up to you and your lifestyle to decide.

These places are located in different parts of the world. But one thing they all have in common is that they are all far from their neighbouring city. Living in a remote town can be fun at times, but it can also prove to be quite the challenge especially if you start to feel a little claustrophobic.

Visit these cities by driving to the nearest airport, parking your car and catching a plane to these faraway places. See for yourself the unique way these folks live their lives and how different their ways and customs are compared to yours.

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