5 Tips for Getting Through Airport Security With Kids

Getting through airport security with kids in tow can either be a breeze or a parent’s worst nightmare. Just imagine this: you’re carrying your luggage to the check-point counter when your toddler suddenly throws a tantrum.

You want to pick up your kid and calm him down, but you can’t put down the luggage because your companion is busy with the rest of your bags. Fortunately, travelling with young kids doesn’t always have to be like this. Here are a few tips that can help you and your kids get through airport security in one piece.

Talk to your kids about the security check

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Before you even get to the airport, talk to your kids about the security check point. You can tell a story or pretend it’s a game so that they won’t panic or cry when you have to take their stuff and place them on a tray. You can practice a bit the night before so that the kids will know what to do once they get to the airport. If your kids were able to pass through the security without throwing a tantrum or making a mess, give them a treat for a job well done.

Zip-top bags are your best buddies

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To get through security, you’ll have to pull out any type of liquid (milk formula, hot water, medicine, baby food, etc.) from your carry-on bag for inspection. To make things easier, pack just the right amount in leak-proof containers and put them inside a zip-top bag. When it’s time for inspection, you just need to pull out one bag instead of several bottles or containers. And because the zip-top bag is transparent, the security staff can easily see what’s inside. This means you’ll save time and you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving behind your kid’s milk bottle.

Don’t let your kids wear accessories


Bracelets, metal hair clips, watches, and belts may all look cute on your kid, but they will just make it harder for you when getting through the checkpoint. Keep in mind that you have to remove this stuff because the items will have to go through the x-ray scanner. So if you want a quicker and faster way of getting through the line, don’t let them wear unnecessary accessories.

Let your kids bring their own backpacks

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This is especially useful if you have more than one kid in tow. Let each child bring his or her own backpack so you don’t have to worry about a missing blanket, stuffed toy, or any other item your children may want to bring with them while on the plane.

While waiting in line, explain to your kids that they need to temporarily put away their toys inside their backpacks. Double-check pockets to make sure all small toys are placed inside their bags. This way, they won’t get surprised and throw a tantrum because Mr Wiggles has to go through the x-ray scanner.Invest in a high-quality, collapsible stroller


If you need to use a stroller, make sure it’s easy to collapse and assemble afterwards. The last thing you need is the extra stress of getting to the front of the line and being unable to disassemble the stroller for inspection. Before you disassemble the stroller, make sure the pockets are not filled with bottles or small toys.

Organise your kids’ belongings, and let them know what to expect when at the checkpoint. With enough preparation though, getting through security checks can be a walk in the park.