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Sleeping Easy Amongst The Clouds

Travelling on a plane, particularly when the flight is long, usually doesn’t bring about good quality sleep or rest. This can be bothersome especially if travelling across different time zones or for an important event such as a wedding, funeral or business meeting.

Without a good rest on an early or late flight you can be left feeling drained and tired. This means that your meeting, event or holiday can be hindered for a short amount of time as you try to adjust to being tired and out of routine.

Alpha Airport Parking can help out with secure airport parking so you know your car is safe but as far as getting a good sleep is concerned, that’s up to you. While you can try and employ a comfortable position on the plane or take a calmative or sedative to help induce sleep, there are some other tips that may help you get refreshed on the flight too.

To begin with, ensure you get a good sleep the night before you travel. This will ensure that you are not already out of sync. If you have a very early flight, try to get to bed earlier. Don’t stay up late drinking or watching TV; sleep induces sleep, so be rested before you are ready to fly.

What are you wearing?

Even if your flight is a short one, plane seats are well known for not being the most comfortable places to spend any length of time in. So when you get dressed, dress comfortably.

Don’t wear tight clothes and if it’s a long flight consider taking your pyjamas in a carry bag. Not only will your pyjamas be a comfortable sleep associated item, it will beat sleeping in a business suit or jeans.

Seating arrangements

If you are able to, try and choose a seat in front of where the engines are as this should be less noisy. Also try to be away from where the toilets are situated. This way you won’t get disturbed by other passengers making visits there, lights turning on, doors slamming and people lining up near your seat.

It’s also ideal to be on a window seat if you can. This way you avoid the person next to you needing to get by and you are also able to prop a pillow against the window for a more comfortable resting position. If possible, take your own travel pillow that you have previously selected so you know it will be comfortable.

Another important consideration is to eat only good food before a flight. You don’t want to be stuck in a small space and to have last night’s under cooked pizza repeat on you. Ensuring that your car is booked in a safe lot, such as Alpha Airport Parking, is also a way to get relaxed on your flight.

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