How to Keep in Touch When You Are Overseas

When you’re overseas, you’ll meet people and make new friends along the way. However, there will always be a constant need to touch base with loved ones.

Some ways can be more expensive than others. But luckily, there are faster and more cost-effective options for you to take advantage of while you are overseas.

Check out these simple tips and practical choices for you to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones.


No matter how many new trendy apps come out, sending emails will never become obsolete. Getting your message out to contacts via email is fast. It also allows you to send attachments like documents and photos. It also allows you to stay on top of work-related activities so you won’t miss out on anything important.


Chances are, most of your close contacts are consistently using Facebook and you can easily see who is active real time. You can also join or create groups in messenger so you can message members all at once.


If you are bringing along a laptop or a tablet, then Skype is the best way for you to talk for cheap. Depending on how strong or fast your internet connection is, you can enjoy making video calls or just use voice if your net is not very stable. You can also share files, photos, and engage in group calls.

Google Hangouts

Another handy app you may want to consider is Google Hangouts. For many users, especially those with Google accounts, this is a great alternative. When you log in to your email account, you can start using Hangouts instantly, and it also has the same great features of other messaging apps.

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Pocket Wi-Fi

Depending on where you are travelling, you can buy a local pocket Wi-Fi, so you can always stay online when you’re on the move and control how much you spend by getting a prepaid plan. Be sure to check out the rates of the local service provider beforehand.

Get a local sim card

If you are going to stay in touch with your contacts, then getting a local sim card can save you tons of money. Do research in advance on the offers that local mobile phone services in your country of travel to get the best deal. Many providers can offer unlimited SMS and cheap data plans.

Send a postcard

While sending digital messages is great and fast, sometimes, going old school and sending a postcard that your family and friends can touch and feel makes a huge difference. Many parcel service companies can send your postcard in a day or two at a reasonable rate.

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Upgrade your phone service.

Depending on which telco provider you are using, this option could be cheap or costly. Call your mobile provider and see what international features they are offering and how much it will cost. Sometimes, you just need to add several dollars to your monthly bill to avail these services.

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