Beer Gardens: The Perfect Boys’ Weekend Ingredient

It’s not uncommon now for a man on his bucks to enjoy a whole weekend of shenanigans. Likewise, some rambunctious boys like to spread the old ‘boys’ night out’ over a weekend of drinks and late nights.

We all know how important it is for individuals to get out with their friends and let their hair down, whether married, in a relationship or single. Careful planning and saving goes into these weekends and often see the revellers travelling interstate for a real change of scene.

Best Beer Gardens from Each State

Part of the careful planning is choosing where to leave the car, or cars, if they are to fly to another destination. Alpha Airport Parking offer budget friendly secure parking and courtesy shuttles to the airport.

This means on top of enjoying convenient Melbourne airport parking or Brisbane airport parking, the boys will make their flight on time. Another important part of the planning is finding the best places to go.

Let’s face it, the point of a boys’ or bucks’ weekend away is to eat, drink and be merry, and drink some more. With this in mind, the right beer garden is the perfect ingredient. Here, boys can enjoy lazy afternoon drinks or evening pre-drinks to a much bigger night out. We’ve got a list of some of the best beer gardens for you.

newport ams hotelImage by

New South Wales

The Newport Arms is well known for its beautiful view. You can sit and relax on the grass or in a deck chair and enjoy the views of Pittwater bay. It’s the biggest waterfront beer garden in Australia and has an outdoor cinema that is the largest in Sydney.

stradbroke islandImage by


If you’re heading to Stradbroke Island on a weekend away, be sure to check out the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel. Additionally, this modern beer garden will not only ease your mind of the daily pressures, it will grant you a stunning 180 degree view of the Coral Sea.

wheatsheaf hotelImage by

South Australia

The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Thebarton, offers live original music and no pokies or TV screens to ruin the good conversation. You will find people from all walks of life here and everyone feels at home.

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With 22 beers on tap in the outdoor bar, it’s hard to go wrong with the Great Northern Hotel in North Carlton. It’s well known with locals and is one of the largest beer gardens to be found in the city.

little creatures

Western Australia

Little Creatures Brewery, Freemantle is also famous for its laid back style. Described as the ‘closest to old school ambience in a beer garden’ by news editor Matt Kirkegaard for Australian Brews News, you won’t want to miss this one if you’re travelling to WA.

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