Airport Survival Guide: Tips For Your Next Trip

The airport can be very a stressful place, everyone has somewhere to be and people can sometimes forget about common courtesy.

To save you some stress for the next time you travel, here are some tips of how to keep relaxed and organised during your next trip to the airport.

Time Management Is Key

This is something that every seasoned traveller is aware of. Although it has been said many times before, being on time to the airport is still something that some people struggle with.

Leave enough time for a coffee and some duty-free shopping. Waiting around for your flight is far better than missing it, and there is always something to do at the airport. This way, if any unforeseen issues arrive, you have a safe amount of time to get there.

Organise Your Airport Transfers Ahead of Time

Make sure you know how and when you are getting to and from the airport. Leave enough time to allow for traffic or car troubles during your trip.

If you want to save money and stress, Alpha Airport Parking offers a reliable free shuttle service for parking customers. If you are a customer, we recommend that you be at our office 30 minutes before the time you would like to be at the airport.

Be Ready For Security

Getting through airport security can be tiresome, but it is still a necessity and it keeps us safe. If you do a little preparing before getting in the queue at the airport security, it will save you, the staff and other travellers quite a bit of time.

Empty out your pockets before you leave your house, keep unnecessary metal items at home or in checked in or carry on luggage.

Keep jewelry to a minimum. Have your laptop out of the bag and ready for scanning. If you are all ready to go when you get in the line, you wont have to go through the metal detector several times or hold up the line to remove things.

Keep Your Cool

Airports can be stressful and sometimes things can go wrong. Just remember that you are rarely the only one going through issues. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, hundreds of people are also inconvenienced. Airport staff are trying to help everyone. Getting aggressive or confrontational doesn’t help anyone, and certainly won’t help you get off the ground any quicker.

Pack Smart

Double check that you have everything you need well before you have to leave for the airport and don’t forget about security. Do not pack liquids, sharp objects or food. It’s not worth the trouble or the time it takes for staff to remove these items.

Take Advantage of Technology

Some airlines will now let you check in online or via their phone app. Download your airline’s mobile app on your smartphone and keep updated on your flight’s status online. Charge all your electronics before the flight. These can provide hours of entertainment while you wait at the airport.

Keep your attire smart but comfortable

Keep your clothing comfortable but smart.  Airports and planes can also get a little cold sometimes so bring a lightweight jacket.

A little preparation goes a long way, so keep these tips in mind for your next trip.