7 Must-Have Travel Bag Items for a Comfy Flight

Travelling comfortably while inside a plane can be tricky but not impossible. With the help of the right accessories, getting a good night’s sleep or cleaning yourself up after a snack within the cramped confines of your plane seat shouldn’t be that stressful.

Whether you’re in for a tiring, 12-hour flight or a quick, 1-hour trip, it’s best to have the following essentials in your travel bag.

Neck pillow

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Neck pillows are definitely a godsend for travellers. Gone are the days when you had to use your bulky bag as a pillow just to get some much-needed snooze.

With the right neck pillow, say goodbye to stiff necks and cramps because you get to sleep without putting too much pressure on your neck, back, and shoulders.

When buying a travel pillow, look for one that’s made of memory foam and has the right amount of fluff. Travel neck pillows come in different shapes and sizes, so be sure to choose one you’re comfortable with.

Noise-cancelling headphones

noise cancelling headphonesImage by www.traveller.com.au

Whether it’s a crying baby or a loudly snoring passenger, you’ll never run out of noisy distractions that’ll make sleeping while on a flight a frustrating task.

Good thing you can slap on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones for a quiet and restful sleep.

If you want complete noise cancellation, get a full-sized models and not just a pair of earbuds. Full-sized headphones are designed to completely cover your ears, so you’re sure to enjoy a noise-free flight with these accessories.

Sleeping mask

sleeping maskImage by www.anothercocktailplease.com

Grab a sleeping mask and put it on so you can enjoy a more sleep-inducing environment even if the passenger beside you has a huge tablet switched on.

To make sure the eye shade will do its job, it should have an adjustable strap for a snug fit and should be made from ultra-soft materials such as fleece. Other nifty features worth checking out include small pockets for your earplugs and washable fabric.

Smartphone/MP3 player

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If you’ve got hours to kill while on the airport or during a flight, you need something to distract you and help you keep your sanity. Fortunately, today’s smartphones have everything you need to keep you busy.

A phone with Internet connection is your best friend during those long flights. Just make sure it’s fully charged before you go to the airport or board the plane.

Hand sanitizer

hand sanitizerImage by www.wonderopolis.org

You just had a snack while on a flight so your fingers are now all sticky. Instead of heading to the small washroom, it’s best to have a small bottle of hand sanitizer handy.

Squeeze a small amount on your palms after handling food or something dirty, and rub it until your hands are all clean and smelling fresh. Before putting a bottle in your carry-on bag, however, double-check if it meets the allowed amount of liquids you can bring (100ml or less per container).

Wet wipes

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Aside from the hand sanitizer, wet wipes are sure to help you clean up in a jiffy. These wipes are versatile and can wipe off sticky hands, refresh your face and arms without washing, and clean dirty armrests.

Wet wipes are also your best buddies if you need to go to the restroom that doesn’t have a bidet.

Jacket or shawl

jacketThe AC inside the plane can get really cold, especially if you’ve been sitting down for hours. To keep yourself warm and cosy, your travel bag should have an extra jacket or shawl you can easily wrap around your shoulders. This is especially helpful if you have problems sleeping or you easily get a headache when its cold.

This is why you need to arm yourself with the right accessories to make the trip more enjoyable. With all these essentials inside your travel bag, keeping your sanity throughout an 18-hour flight becomes easier.

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