Must-Try Spa Treatments for the Jetsetter

In need of some R&R? Or maybe you just got off from your 12-hour flight, and your body is showing signs of jet lag. Whatever the case is, you deserve some pampering on your next holiday.

One good way of relaxing those tired and aching muscles is to spend a day at the spa. If you’re not sure of what treatment to get, here are some of the must-try spa treatments from around the world:

Salt and mud treatments (US, Dubai, or Israel)

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Jet lag can disrupt your sleeping patterns, so don’t be surprised if you have trouble sleeping on your first few days on the other side of the globe.

To help combat insomnia, you can check out Chicago’s Galos Caves or Dubai’s Salt Cave Spa. Spending sometime inside these caves is believed to help treat insomnia and asthma.

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If a long flight is starting to cramp your style, then you need a treatment that can unknot those tense and cramped muscles.

Fortunately, you have plenty of options to choose from. Aside from the usual massages, sink into a cool, mud bath at Israel’s Dead Sea. Due to the Dead Sea’s high mineral content, it has plenty of therapeutic properties that are said to treat inflammation and soothe aching muscles.

Creepy crawlies (Israel and Japan)

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Get rid of stress and muscle pain by letting snakes crawl all over your face and body at Israel’s Ada Barak Carnivorous Plant Farm or Jakarta’s Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa. Both these places offer snake massages that are claimed to relieve muscle pain and lessen the effects of stress on your body.

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Snails are not just delicious to eat if you love escargot. These slimy critters can also be used for a facial to treat inflammation and get rid of dead skin cells.

In Tokyo’s Clinical Salon (by Ci:z Labo Spa), you’ll get to experience snails crawling all over your face. The slimy juice contains proteins and antioxidants that moisturize and exfoliate. The treatment is perfect if Japan’s cold climate is starting to take a toll on your skin.

Fire and ice (China and Finland)

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Exposing yourself to hot flames may seem dangerous, but not in China. Some spas in this country offer fire massage, a session wherein your body is wrapped in plastic and towels soaked in alcohol.

cryotherapyImage by Google

Another treatment worth checking out is Cryotherapy, which is popular in cold European countries. When in Finland, spend a day at the old town of Porvoo and head on to the Hotel Haikko Manor.

This spa offers cryotherapy sessions. Here you spend a few minutes sitting inside an icebox. The exposure to extreme cold decreases joint and muscle inflammation.

Beer and more beer (Germany, Czech Republic, or Austria)

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A trip to beer-loving countries Germany, Austria, or Czech Republic wouldn’t be complete without soaking in a tub filled with–of course–beer. This treatment is perfect if spending hours inside the plane has stripped off moisture from your skin.

The hops exfoliate and moisturize the skin, the heat makes you sweat out toxins, and the yeast from the beer is claimed to bathe your body in vitamins.

After a long but exciting day exploring places on the other side of the globe, your tired, aching muscles need a bit of pampering. Head down to any of these spa destinations and you’re sure to rejuvenate your body and be ready for tomorrow’s adventures.

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