Download These Travel Apps Before You Leave Home

Technology today has integrated itself into almost every aspect of our lives and the travel industry is no exception. At first businesses rushed to get online with their own websites. Now, with the development of smartphones and tablets, companies are building apps to meet consumer demand.

All great travel apps will help solve problems and streamline your plans. Alpha Airport Parking also has its own app available for download. It is available via the Apple App Store for iPhones and from Google Play and the Windows Store for android phones.  The Alpha App allows you to get a quote, book online and even let us know when you are ready to be picked up by our free courtesy shuttle.

alpha airport parking app

Whether it is reducing your travel time, providing great local recommendations, showing you how to ask for the time in Swahili or pointing you in the right directing in an unfamiliar town, apps can be an invaluable resource when travelling.

Apple’s iTunes store had 1.2 million apps in it in June 2014, a number that has only undoubtedly grown since then.  So with all that choice, how can you figure out which apps will be best for your travel plans?

Alpha Airport Parking has done the research for you and put together a list of the best travel apps.

Wi-Fi Finder

wifi finder
A reliable Internet connection is one of the most useful things you can find when travelling. With data roaming charges still unbelievably costly, knowing where you can find some free wi-fi is high on most traveller’s priorities. All you need to do is open this app and then follow the directions to the source. The app also has an offline mode, so you can download the map before you leave and then use it without an Internet connection. FREE

WhatApp Messenger

whatsappThis is a messenger service that has almost rendered the text message obsolete. Messages, videos, sound clips and texts can all be sent using wi-fi. This can save you from having to sign up for a costly overseas phone plan while you are travelling. FREE

Hipmunk Travel – Hotels & Flights

hipmunkThis travel deal app will find you flights and hotel rooms at the cheapest possible rates. If you don’t want to sacrifice your sanity for saving a few extra dollars, Hipmunk will also will help you search for trips that will inflict the least amount of stress. It will evaluate layovers and flight changes and incorporate that information into its recommended itinerary. It also includes listings from Airbnb and HomeAway, which are usually left out of major online travel booking providers. FREE

Better Translator Pro

This translation app has the best ratings on Android phones. It boasts more than 50 languages that can be used in text-to-text mode and 11 languages that are available with the voice recognition function. It is aligned with both Bing and Google’s translation services. You may not be able to hold up a lengthy conversation but it will definitely save you from having to haplessly mime for directions to the train station. FREE

Word Lens

word lensHave you ever been stuck at a major train station and unable to read the signs to determine which platform you need to be on? Trust me, it’s not a fun time. But you can avoid this with this impressive app that will instantly translate languages via your smartphone’s camera. However, it is a little on the pricey side. Although it is free to download, you have you purchase language packs that can cost more than $10.



You’ve just arrived at your destination. You’re hungry and eager to try the local cuisine. But where do you go? This is where this no-frills online travel app comes in handy. With a notoriously honest user base, you can find where to go (and where to avoid) by looking at fellow travellers reviews. FREE

PinPin ATM finder

Don’t get caught out without at least enough cash for a cab ride home. This ATM finder has over 220 countries listed, so you will always be able to find the nearest cash machine. Although it looks like that for now it is only available on the Windows Phone. FREE


hostelworldIf you find yourself in need of affordable accommodation but still don’t want to deal with gross showers and bed bugs, check out this app. There are over 3.5 million reviews on there, so you can get an idea of what a place is like before you drop your bags off. There are over 25,000 hostel listings to choose from. FREE

TravelSafe Pro

This app is one that your mother would definitely approve of and is a must have for all smart travellers. It contains the emergency service numbers of almost every single country you could ever think of visiting. It is a potentially life-saving app that also includes embassy details. It is $1.29 at the App store but worth every cent.


tipulatorTipping rates are different all over the world. What would make you a generous customer in Australia will earn you the evil eye of a waitress in New York. To avoid being rude and looking like a cheapskate, download this app. It will calculate the standard tipping rates wherever you are and help you work out that split bill, simultaneously saving you from any social faux pas. FREE


skypeWant to make a phone call home without breaking the bank? Use this well-known app to contact anyone using Internet or wi-fi. For just 2 cents a minute you can call any number, mobiles or landlines. FREE

And there you have it, Alpha’s list of the best travel apps. If you have any other travel apps you recommend let us know. Tweet us at @AlphaCarParking