Why You Should Head to the Gold Coast in November

Do you love the beach but not the hordes of people that take up the entire coastline? You might want to head out to Goldy this NovemYou have a few weeks of Spring left and the water and weather are starting to heat up. It’s nice and toasty in good old Goldy, but that’s not even the best part. November is the perfect time for you to head out to the Gold Coast because it’s a shoulder season.

You have a window of opportunity here because the shoulder season is that sweet time in between peak and off-peak season. Why would you want to go then instead of the off-peak season? More people today go to holiday locations during the off-peak. I’m sure you’ve read in a travel blog how the off-peak is the best time to go on a holiday because there aren’t as many visitors. If you can easily find this information online, you bet that others can as well. So many ads out there tell you and the rest of the world all about the low-prices and crowdless attractions during this season. The shoulder season, however, doesn’t get as much notice.

Before you pack your bags and plan your November trip in Gold Coast, there are a few things you should know because:

Timing is everything

A word of caution if you plan to go on November though: go early in the month. Trust me, you don’t want to share your Gold Coast holiday with a bazillion graduating schoolies. So go on early and enjoy the golden sunshine, warm water, and short theme park queues! It’s a great time to have a family holiday.

Weather is balmy with a slight chance of rain
gold coast

Image by www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au

You know that Spring is coming to and so you can expect that things will start to heat up, but not to the point of blistering hot. While average temperatures will range from 17°C to 26°C, you might want to bring a few lightweight cardigans to layer along with your tank tops. Just because it’s warm doesn’t mean that it will never be cold. Possible extreme temperatures can go as low as 8°C or as high as 42°C. Your nights will be balmy and humidity will start to build up. Be prepared for the possibility of rain and summer storms, typically in the late afternoons.

There’s So Much To Do

You’ll see a lot of people in party frocks, fascinators, and other funky big hats, while  sipping on champers. That just means it’s Melbourne Spring Racing fever. As you’ve probably figured out, Australia is sports country and the Melbourne Cup is one of those sporting events that stops the nation. Get in on the fever and watch the race. You’re bound to find a hotel function or charity luncheon that shows the race.

Test your courage and dive in a shark tank at Sea World. Check out Tiger Island and thrill seek in Dreamworld. Cool down from a warm, almost Summer day at the Wet n Wild water park. Have a culture and history-filled day with a tour of Byron bay and Crystal Castle. Go body boarding, surfing, swimming, or sunbathing at the beach. Get your kids in on the fun and have them build sandcastles early in the morning. Remember, shoulder season means you don’t have to worry about long lines; you can go to as many attractions as you can and do as many fun activities as you want.

The Gold Coast is the only place that’s “Famous For Fun”. If sharing the crystalline waters and golden sunshine with thousands of tourists sounds more like an inconvenience to you, head out to Goldy in November. Shoulder season means even hotels are less packed and you get to save up on accommodations. If you’re coming from Victoria, you can get even bigger savings with Gold Coast airport parking from Alpha. Have an awesome holiday!