Insane Parking Garages: Parking for the Average Joe

From the first part of this article series, we showed you the most insane parking garages for luxury cars. If you think that these wonderful and weird pieces of functional architecture are just for the elite; think again. There’s a crazy space or two even for the average joe’s compact or sedan. That’s not to say that the elite can’t get in these spaces. Some of them are just too pretty not to have a little look-see.


Location: Fullerton, California

nutwood parking facilityImage by

From an outdated parking system to a 2541-car facility, this green remodel at the California State University serves as a gigantic landmark for people trying to find their way around the campus. Especially at night, getting to where you need to be (or at least somewhere well-lit for your friends to find you) will be easy as pie.

What makes this awesome? It has a living-wall system of bamboo and flowering vines covering three sides of the structure. It’s practically self-sustaining with oxygen, offsetting the carbon footprint within the garage. Yay science!


Location: Edison New Jersey

More cool science for you, this seemingly unassuming lot is actually more of a research and development center than a parking lot. How, you may ask? It uses three permeable pavement systems — porous asphalt, pervious concrete, and permeable interlocking concrete pavers — to absorb water into a catchment and help with storm-water management. In short, no more floods in car parks. Check out the cool video above to see it in action!


Location: Tokyo, Japan

From sushi trains (via conveyer belt), to a parking carousel; Japan seems to have a liking for things that go round and round. The way it works is you drive your car to the bottom ramp of the garage, it hoists it up and over (like a Ferris wheel), and the carousel stores your car with the rest in a tall, narrow stack. No need for on and off ramp infrastructure, less space required, absolute genius from Japan.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Built originally in the 1950’s, beaut is a 19 storey spiral ramp that was made not only to store cars but also (and more importantly) showcase them! It can accommodate about 900 cars, which is about as many apartments in the complex.
Get a full valet service while admiring the stunning architecture of Marina City.  Ask the locals for a favour to bring you to the rooftop if you can. There’s nothing quite like the 360 degree views of the Chicago skyline from that vantage point. And remember, the city also houses the House of Blues concert hall, Hotel Chicago, an upscale bowling lounge, a bank, and a few restaurants.

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