7 Helpful Tips for the Solo Traveler

Traveling alone can be a bit daunting and intimidating for beginners. You must be fully prepared as you are going alone, and all you can count on is yourself. Although scary, traveling solo is a fun experience (according to most who has experienced it), and can give a very liberating feeling. Here at Alpha Airport Parking, we discuss some tips for the newbies when it comes to solo travel.

Learn to Blend In

learn to blend inAvoid looking like a foreigner, as scammers can take advantage of the situation. Know who to ask for directions – the security guards and police are your best bets. Consider dressing like them (be careful as some countries and culture can find this offensive – just be sure that you’re wearing it right), and even learning a bit of their language. This way, you will avoid distasteful looks from locals.

Smile to the Locals and the Strangers

local and strangersImage by www.intrepidtravel.com

Luckily, not everyone is looking to take advantage of the tourists. Learn to smile more and make friends. This way, you can communicate even with a language barrier, and they can even help you with stuff that you’re too afraid to ask. Just know where to look and who to befriend – it’s best to trust your instinct with these kinds of stuff.

Study and Prepare

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Check your maps before going out, and research about the best way to reach to a certain destination. See to it that you know which way to go, as looking at the map all the time while you’re out consumes a lot of your precious time. Save yourself from the misery by practicing and going to your whereabouts at least once and paying attention the first time around.

Inform your Family and Friends

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As constant travelers, we have to be well aware that an emergency, even how small or big, is inevitable. Step it up by letting your friends and family know about your itinerary and your whereabouts. You can give them a copy of your itinerary, or call/send them an SMS right before you go out. Prevention is key, and taking certain measures won’t hurt.

Consider Booking in Advance

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Finding a place to stay in weeks, or even months in advance can save you from a lot of hassle. Going unprepared can take so much of your time, not to mention the hassle that it can cause. Have everything planned in advance: your transportation, hotel, and even reservations to your handpicked restaurants. Know if the hotel will provide transportation from the airport to your hotel, and if not, you can always rent a car.

Pack Light

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Take what you need and leave the unnecessary stuff at home. Prepare and pack days in advance, and lay out the outfits that you need during your trip. One tip is to bring a good pair of jeans or leggings that you can pair with almost any top or dress, and bring clothing with neutral colours. Also, remember to bring only the essentials: your camera, passport, important documents, and the likes.

Do not be Scared to Explore

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Yes, being in a different country and environment can be intimidating, but hey, exploring is the first reason why you chose to travel! Make the most out of your trip by going to famous landmarks and even exploring the ones that you think you would enjoy. Go out of your comfort zone and meet new people. You can even discover new dishes that you love, or places that you never thought you’d visit!

Having an enjoyable and memorable trip depends on you. Go out and make the most out of it, and make sure that you wouldn’t regret anything before coming back home!