Coachella 2017 Lineup and Tips for Attendees

The most awaited music festival of the year just released their upcoming lineup, and it is epic. Every year, music lovers gather in one location to celebrate the gift of music.  Different tents are pitched, and an outdoor location is usually chosen for the event. World renowned artists usually play and perform for the crowd, and this year, the Coachella crowd will surely love the lineup prepared for them.

The festival will be headlined by no other than the Queen B herself, Beyoncé. She will be joined by Radiohead, a very well-known English rock band which sold over 30 million albums worldwide. Another headliner is Kendrick Lamar, a rapper currently on the rise. He has collaborated with major artists and bands such as Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Beyonce, Sia, and more. Other artists in the lineup include Bastille, Empire of the Sun, Lorde, Martin Garrix, The xx, Tove Lo, Warpaint, Tycho, Two Door Cinema Club, and more. View the full lineup here.

If you are coming to Coachella for the first time and from a different country, then you have to know that you should come prepared to the event, as it can get exhausting. However, these tips are also for Coachella’s general audience – better come prepared!

Book an airport parking

If you’re coming from a different country, you might like travelling to the airport with your car, rather than taking a cab to the airport. Keep your car safe while you are away by booking an airport parking. This way, you can make sure that your car is secure, and that you immediately have a vehicle to use once you arrive back home.

Bring a bottle (or two) of water

You’ll probably be dancing in the sun all day, as this is an outdoor event. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water, or even splashing some to your face every now and then.

Wear comfortable clothes

We all know how Coachella has this fashion trend that seems to be exclusive just for the event: bikinis, flower crowns, crop tops, and basically over-the-top clothes and shoes. While this may be fun for a couple of hours, you might want to take it all off come lunch time. If you want to wear your Coachella ensemble still, then at least bring some clothes if you want to change. Comfort is always better than style.

Get your merchandise during the first day

Do this as soon as the booth opens (if possible). The tent gets extremely crowded every night, as attendees are starting to exit and head home during this time. Also, you do not want to fall in line for a long time just to find out that the merchandise that you want is already sold out.

Bring some earplugs

especially if you are planning to stand in front of the stage. The very loud music can permanently damage your hearing, and no one wants that to happen to them.

Pack your meds well

If you need to bring some medications inside, make sure to put them in their prescription bottles. The security is strict when it comes to people sneaking in pills and medications, so you definitely want to keep your personal medication in its original bottle.

Make a plan and print the set list out

Highlight the artists that you want to see, so you know when to leave the tent to head on to another.

Leave your house or hotel early

Traffic can get pretty bad, so it’s best to leave your hotel early in the morning (if you are not camping in the grounds).

Save your phone battery for later

You might need it to locate your friends. If you want to document the whole thing, it’s best to bring a separate camera.

Bring some wet wipes and tissue

The portable restrooms in Coachella can get dirty, besides, hundreds of people use it. Bring some wet wipes, tissue, and seat cover to keep your hygiene healthy.

Remember these tips, and you are all good to go! Don’t forget to dance and sing to the tunes, and have a blast this coming April!