Airline Offers Course to Cure Fear of Flying

Back in the day, when people travelled the world, it meant spending months at sea. Today, it means hopping onboard an aeroplane and flying for a few hours.

The changes brought by technology know no bounds. But some folks still harbour the fear of flying. And that is what Virgin Airlines seek to eradicate with their Flying Without Fear course.

Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Without Fear Course aims to teach people about aeroplanes and the psychology behind their fear. They do this with the help of pilots and psychologists. Throughout the course, the pilots will explain how planes work and what they do in the cockpit, while the psychologists give discussions on how to handle the passenger’s fears.

fear of flying

Their goal is to help people understand how flight works and to assure them that there is nothing to fear.

After the course, the passengers take a short flight to test out their new-found knowledge and techniques.

Virgin Airlines offers the course throughout the UK. The airline promises to refund the passenger’s ticket at full price if the time of their flight arrives and they are not cured of their fear.

US passengers seeking to go through a similar course can find related classes throughout the country. One of these is the Fear of Flying Clinic, which is a one-day workshop held at the San Francisco International Airport.

Phoenix Sky Harbor and Milwaukee General Mitchell offer similar courses. But you can call the local airport if they have courses available.

If workshops aren’t your thing, then choose the self-help ebooks and apps available online.

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