5 Weirdest Valentine’s Day Traditions

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, where did the first half of February go? However, the most wonderful day for couples is coming up. But did you know that some countries celebrate Valentine’s  Day differently? 

Every country has their own traditions, from Christmas, New Year, even down to Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the most interesting Valentine’s Day traditions from different countries all over the world.

Denmark and Norway

Valentine’s Day wasn’t even celebrated in Denmark and Norway until the early 1990s. Danish people found a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a different and exciting twist.

Gaekkebrev is what they call it, wherein men give quirky and funny love notes and poems to the women that they adore. The sender will give a clue, and if the receiver guessed it right, then she will receive an Easter egg in the coming Easter.


In Wales, Valentine’s Day is not on the 14th of February. The Welsh call it St. Swynwen’s Day and its celebration is on the 25th of January. 

The Welsh men do not give flowers, chocolates, or candies to their special someone, instead, they give spoons. The men would carve the spoons intricately, decorate them with symbols and patterns that signify their love, and present them as a proposal gift to the women that they would like to court or even marry. This tradition is still celebrated up to this day.


In other parts of the world, men are the ones who usually pamper their women. However, this is not the case in Japan. Every 14th of February, women usually give men chocolates.

This tradition started in 1936. Men return the favour on March 14th White Day, where they give women chocolates.


In Italy, young and unmarried girls usually go outside before dawn to look for their future husbands outside. It is believed that the first guy the girl sees outside is the man that they will marry within that year. If it’s not him, then he will, at least, strongly resemble the man that the girl will marry. Young girls also used to gather in the gardens to enjoy poetry readings and music, which will be followed by a stroll along with their loved ones.


English women usually celebrated Valentine’s Day by placing five bay leaves on their pillows. They believe that by doing so, they will dream about their future husbands. Sometimes, women would even wet their bay leaves with rose water and place them across their pillows.

It’s wonderful how diverse every country in the world is. People celebrate each tradition differently, and it’s just amazing how a single day can alter the way we treat each other.

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