Top 10 Tips to Save Money When Travelling

Travelling usually comes with a hefty price tag, which is why most of us hesitate in pushing our travel plans through.

It’s actually just a matter of strategizing, researching, reading blogs online, and simply informing yourself of the proper tips and to-dos. Alpha Airport Parking is always keen on saving money when travelling, so we are here to give you some tips on how to do such.

Choose Your Travel Time Wisely

Travelling during the peak season is a big no-no (unless you really need to) if you want so save some money. Every airline increase their flight rates during big holidays such as December and January, although it varies from country to country.

Different countries have different holidays, so make sure to research on your destination’s holidays, as well as the airline’s pricing. The weekends are also usually expensive, so if possible, choose to fly during a weekday.

It’s Better to Fly Indirectly

Direct flights can be expensive, obviously because you will be able to save a lot of time when flying directly. If time is not so much of the essence, then it’s wiser to book an indirect flight. This way, you can save some bucks that you can use on food and accommodation.

Book Your Airport Parking in Advance

If you are planning on leaving your car at the airport, (which is a wise thing to do as Uber and taxis can be expensive) then make sure to pre-book your airport parking spot months before your flight. This way, you can even get special discounts and a much lower rate.

Bring Your Own Food

If your flight is not inclusive of snacks and meals, then it’s best to bring your own. You can definitely bring food aboard, as long as it’s all solid (liquids are not advisable and airlines usually do not allow this).

Some suggestions for snacks are sliced fruits, nuts, cookies, and food in a pouch. For meals, you can try preparing a sandwich, salad, or a burger, as long as it’s easy to eat. You also have the option to buy food before you hop on the flight, although it’s not advisable as this can be a little costly.

Weigh Your Luggage at Home

This is important even if you are in a hurry. Weigh your luggage/s even before you leave the house to avoid paying for baggage fees, which can be very expensive. You wouldn’t want to pay extra or even throw away some of your stuff just because you went over the baggage limit, would you?

Opt for Staying at a Private Room

Instead of staying at an expensive hotel, you can choose to stay at a motel or bed and breakfast. You can even try Couchsurfing if you are an adventurous traveller and up for a cool experience!

It’s much cheaper, and besides, you do not even need a huge room, especially since you will be outside most of the time anyway. Couchsurfing is a great way to learn about a certain country’s culture, too!

Ditch Eating at a Fancy Restaurant

Instead, you can try eating at local restaurants, which is much cheaper. This is also a great way to learn more about the country and its people, and hey, you only get to taste these food once or twice in your life!

Bring the Right Amount of Money

Make sure to bring enough money for your trip, as using your ATM card abroad can be costly. You can incur a hefty amount of processing fee when using your credit and debit cards abroad, so using cash would definitely be wiser.

Join a Facebook Group

Facebook is one of the most useful applications today, especially when it comes to travel. Use keywords when looking for a group in a certain country, and always include words such as “Travel”, “Travelling”, “Budget”, “Tourist”, etc. (i.e. “Travelling in *Insert Country* on a Budget). You can get a lot of tips from experienced travellers and even from the locals.

Maximize the Use of Public Transportation

Learn to commute and use the train, subway, or bus. This will save you a lot of money compared to using Uber or a cab.

Now, go fourth and book that flight! Enjoy and have a safe trip!


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