Common Tourist Mistakes in New York City

For many travellers, New York City is one of the ultimate destinations. That’s why people who managed to book a tour are excited to fly to the Big Apple. Whether you’re planning a trip to one of the many museums or a walk through Central Park, New York has a lot to offer its tourists. But don’t get caught making these tourist mistakes around the city that never sleeps.

Errors as a tourist in New York

Because people are excited about going to a place they only read about in books and see in movies, they tend to go a little overboard and make decisions without much thought. Here are a few of these New York tourist mistakes you should try to avoid on your visit:

Planning a midtown-centric itinerary

planning a midtown-centric itinerary

When people say New York, the first thing they think of is Manhattan and the business district. Pretty much the only places you get to see in movies and television. That is why a lot of tourists make it a point to see places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, and Central Park.

Seeing these sites are all well and good, but other tourists will have the same idea. The result overcrowding. You can still visit these places, but also take time to walk around neighbourhoods and check out other shops to get an accurate feel for what life is like in New York.

Visiting in the winter

visiting in the winter

If you live in colder places, then you might think that you can handle the New York winter. But brace yourself as the winter chill might be more than you can handle. If you’re not good with cold weather or snow, it might be best to time your visit sometime in the summer or spring where it’s a little warmer. Otherwise, get ready to be cold for your entire stay.

Illegal Airbnb

illegal airbnb

A little-known fact about New York City: Airbnb is illegal in most circumstances. In New York City, it is unlawful to rent living space less than 30 days. The law is so because Airbnb is a contributor to the housing crisis in the city. The homeowner can make more money when they rent out their space to short-term guests. But as they do, affordable apartments become scarcer. If you do rent out an illegal Airbnb, there is a high chance that the police can come and shut the place down before or during your visit. To avoid the hassle, book a hotel room instead.

Not getting an unlimited Metrocard

not getting a metrocard

Driving in New York City can be tough. If you want to check out the other sights and get there promptly, the subway is your best bet. Availing an unlimited Metrocard for the train allows you to skip the long lines to buy single journey tickets. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than taking a cab or Uber around town.

Never leaving Manhattan

never leaving manhattan

Manhattan is a lot like your comfort zone. It’s the only place in New York you know, and you’re not exactly keen to go anywhere outside the city. But you should consider checking out the other parts of the city. Check out The Bronx and catch a game at Yankee Stadium. Or head to Queens for some great Chinese food at Flushing. You’ll never run out of things to do in the Big Apple.

So, before you fly up to New York City, double check your itinerary to make sure you won’t miss out on anything. And you can always park with us here at Alpha Airport Parking where we make sure that your vehicle is safe while you’re out and about.