Easy Ways to Stay Calm and Relaxed on a Plane

Does the idea of air travel stress you out and you can’t calm down? You’re not alone. Researchers found that roughly 25 per cent of passengers is anxious when travelling by air. While 10 per cent has a fear of flying.

While many understand that flying is the safest modes of transportation, some folks may still need a little more convincing. If flying unsettles you, then here are a few ways to keep your cool:

Passengers give a thumb up as they ready for takeoff

Let the numbers calm you

According to statistics, more than three million people travel by air worldwide, and planes take flight every two seconds anywhere in the world, which makes air travel a lot safer than other means of transport.

Avoid watching the news

Sometimes, when people watch a lot of TV, especially about sensational news, they tend to develop an inaccurate view of the world.

Absorbing too much information can have an adverse effect. So, try to avoid reading the news beforehand.

Fortunately, no matter how some news stories get sensationalised, the facts about air travel stay the same. Taking commercial flights remain safer now more than ever, and most of the concerns about flying are simply misplaced.

Get yourself ready

Before your flight, get adequate sleep and eat the right type of food. If you are well-rested and well-nourished, it will be easier for you to handle most types of stressful situations.

pictures on a map

Focus on your destination

Remember that flying is just a means to head to your destination. You can lift your spirits by thinking about the beautiful sights and sounds and all the wonderful things you will do and experience once you get to your destination.

One good way to feel comfortable and safe is by getting a postcard or printing out some nice pictures of the beautiful scenery you are looking forward to seeing. When you focus on the positive aspects of your journey, you will feel less anxious about flying.

Air hostesses serving snacks

Draw inspiration from the flight crew

Flight attendants and your fellow travellers have experienced it all. Whenever you feel anxious, just look at them. Once you see how calm and collected they are, you will understand that everything is going well and there is no reason to be concerned.

When you see how calm and collected they are, you will understand

Talk to your fellow passengers

If you’re the type who likes to socialise and meet new people, then chatting it up with your fellow passengers or even some of the flight crew when they’re not too busy is a great way to do it. If they feel inclined, you can ask them to share some of their personal experiences about flying and how they overcame their fears.

Entertain yourself

If you feel rattled by some weird noises you hear on the plane, just distract yourself from the things that make you feel nervous. If you don’t like the in-flight movie, you can download some of your favourite films and watch them on your mobile device.

Create a playlist of relaxing music on your tablet. Once on the plane, you can listen to it to feel relaxed.

You can also use this time to catch up on your book or TV series. There are plenty of ways

woman handing keys

Sometimes, all we need are some simple ways to help us relax and overcome our anxiety. Just remember that modern air travel is getting safer and safer every year. So, we hope these simple tips will help you become a better flyer.

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