Best travel destinations in 2019

The new year brings with it endless possibilities. It’s all a matter of knowing where you want to go and what you want to do when you get there.

That is why it is essential to plan for your trip in advance. Figure out where you want to go, how long you plan to stay, and what you want to do while you’re there. For now, let’s focus on the first part: where to go

Travel Destinations 2019

Decide as early as now the destinations for your 2019 holidays. After all, you need to figure out bookings, days off from work, and how you will pay for everything.

Planning gives you a rough estimate on how much you are looking to spend on the entire trip. Here are a few places to consider for the year:

Northern Chile

This year, a solar eclipse will be visible in Northern Chile, making it a perfect travel destination. Chile is a great place to see the full beauty of the solar eclipse (with the appropriate eye protection, of course). There are no urban lights, and the skies are almost always clear.

Aside from this natural phenomenon, there are also plenty of activities to behold and places to visit in and around the area. There are plenty of cafes and tour groups for you to join so you can really get a feel of the city.

Hong Kong

A complete opposite of Chile, Hong Kong is known for its urbanised locale, with skyscrapers as high as the eye can see. It’s one of the perfect travel destinations for the city dwellers looking for an escape.

Here, you can see some of the country’s best features, and you can also take a five minute Star Ferry ride to an island to visit Tai Kwun. Tai Kwun is a 170-year-old police compound, that was recently renovated and turned into a vibrant cultural zone. Here, you can find the JC Contemporary art gallery and JC Cube theatre.


Located along the Carribean, Grenada is often overlooked in favour of the more popular destinations. Grenada offers some of the best resorts with minimalist designed accommodations. Perfect for a romantic getaway with your partner.

January to April are the best times to come to the country to experience the cloudless skies and perfect beach weather.

Kuala Lumpur

When it comes to hospitality, Singapore and Hong Kong are at the forefront. But Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have upped their game, making them one of the more desirable travel destinations over the years.

Stay at the Four Seasons or the RuMa Hotel and Residences, where you can sit in the lap of luxury as you explore everything the city has to offer its international guests and more.


Over the past year, Turkey’s tourism and travel industry have seen a steady rise. It will only get better as 2019.

Turkey is for history buffs looking for a travel destination this year. Explore Canakkale and the Troy Museum, where more than 5000 artefacts are stored. There’s no shortage of what you can see and learn during your stay in Turkey.

Figured out a place to spend your holiday? Don’t forget to make the necessary preparations for the trip. So, book a flight in advance, along with accommodations to ensure your place.

Additionally, you should also consider leaving your car at a reputable airport parking location. That way, you can drive yourself to the airport, leave your vehicle at a safe place, and drive yourself home upon arrival.