Tips for a Better Flight

Commercial air travel is no longer as glamorous as before. Although some things have changed for the better (like in-flight entertainment, self-check-in, and improved aviation safety, et cetera.), others have become worse (such as long security lines and bad food, amongst others).

But you don’t need to merely endure air travel. There are many ways to make your travel experience pleasant. Here are a few of them:

Booking your Flight

When choosing an airline, there are several airline quality ratings you can use to compare different airlines operating on your chosen route. Airlines are rated according to levels of service, timeliness and comfort.

Your air travel experience starts when you book a flight. Make sure you book with an airline that offers good customer service, comfort and good performance in terms of safety and timeliness.

If you are looking for cheaper fares, you may have luck if you live in a major city as it will have more than one airport. You can check out flights from all airports to find which one offers the lowest fare. Often, major cities have smaller airports where budget carriers operate.

Check in Beforehand

The longest lines at airports are at check-in, not at security. Avoid the long queues by checking in for your flight and printing your boarding pass 24 hours before the day of your flight. For example, Qantas offers many check-in options: online check-in, check-in with the use of your mobile and Check-in Kiosks at the airport. This tip probably applies more to passengers with only carry-on luggage; if you are big bags, this may or may not help you.

Use Off-site Airport Parking

Airport parking is expensive. The cheapest alternative to airport parking is off-site parking like Alpha Airport Parking. The company operate parking facilities near the main airports in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne. Reliable parking Gold Coast Airport is guaranteed, along with full valet services and courtesy airport transfers.

Alpha Airport Parking saves you time and money when you park your car in their undercover or indoor parking facility. The parking areas have 24-hour video surveillance, ensuring that your car is safe while you are away on business or holiday.

Bring Comfort with you

Pack comfort essentials with you for the trip. Pick out your favourite travel pillow, blanket along with earplugs and eyemasks. Use them when you sleep on the plane to ensure you are well rested.


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