Secure, Low Cost Airport Parking? Really?

Ask anyone who has caught a plane from Brisbane airport recently and they will all tell the same story. Finding convenient and secure parking is a nightmare. The car park ascends to nine levels so nervous drivers feel quite intimidated and increasingly anxious the further they go up without finding a space. Nobody likes being in a multi-level car park at peak times with cars whizzing around trying to find parking quickly so the occupants don’t miss their flight.

Travellers can forget about all this angst when they contact Alpha Airport Parking. Their secure parking area is very close to the terminus and they offer short and long term parking at very competitive rates. There are undercover and open air spaces in both the short and long term areas. The open air spaces cost less than the undercover ones, which suits the budget traveller.

Free Shuttle Bus Provided for Parking Passengers

Travel to the airport from the car parking area is by a free shuttle bus service provided by Alpha. To ensure nobody misses their flight, it is recommended that passengers arrive at their office 30 minutes before they need to be at the airport for both domestic and international travel. The spacious shuttle bus has ample room for luggage and assistance to load and unload it is part of the service.

Once the travellers hand over their keys to the Alpha staff, they can forget about their vehicle until they return to collect it. The whole parking area is monitored by security cameras 24 hours a day. This surveillance ensures that any activity around the vehicles is quickly identified and investigated.

Low Costs, Security and Extended Hours Beat the Competition

The cost of the secure airport car parking is surprisingly inexpensive, with the undercover parking being just $19 for one day. This compares very favourably with the cost of parking at the airport which, in the short term parking area is $54 for 4-24 hours. With the Alpha office open very early and closing very late, even early birds and night owls can take advantage of cheap parking.

Knowing that weary travellers need a lift when they get off a long flight, Alpha provides a car cleaning and detailing service that is just as price competitive as their parking rates. The sliding rate scale starts at $30 for a wash and chamois wipe, right up to the Alpha Awesome Wash at just over $125. This includes everything from a full exterior wash and detail to interior vacuum, windows washed, dash and console wipe and other detailing including a high gloss, non-cutting hand polish.

For competitive prices, security and excellent customer service contact Alpha Airport Parking and make a booking when next you are travelling interstate or overseas.


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