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Open Suitcase Full of Clothes | Alpha Airport Parking

Best packing tips for travellers

Going on a trip means making sure you have everything in your luggage. Sure, you can just throw in your clothes into your suitcase and be off, but wouldn’t you like to be a bit more organised, so you don’t have to dump out everything when looking for one particular piece of clothing?

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Best Kayaking Spots in New Zealand | Alpha Airport Parking

Best kayaking spots in New Zealand

Being able to see the world from a different perspective is something that everyone should experience. And there’s no better way to do just that than from the water. This is where kayaking comes into play. It’s a great way to exercise, be near the water, and see how the world looks from a fish’s perspective.

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Winery | Alpha Airport Parking

Best Things to do in Adelaide Hills

There’s nothing more romantic and exciting than a trip to Adelaide Hills. If you’re planning to take your spouse on a trip, then you need to brush up and be their guide. The best way to do so is getting a better idea of what to see and do here.

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spring destinations

Spring destinations around Australia

Now that your sweaters and other winter wares are put away for next winter. It’s time to enjoy the missed sunshine and the upcoming school holidays. And what better way to spend this much awaited free time from school than with a family vacation? Choose from a selection of spring destinations and drive there with your family.

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traveller bags - travel essentials

What to pack for different types of trips

Holidays aren’t always week-long trips. Some are a simple weekend getaway where you will be back in your favourite office cubicle by Monday morning. With that said, it doesn’t make sense to pack a lot of things for a week-long trip if you’ll only be gone for a few days. It’s important to only pack the travel essentials.

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kings park

55th Kings Park Festival Happening in Perth

Perth is best known for their wildflowers. What’s more, when you see it in pictures and documentaries, it doesn’t give the flowers any justice. It is best experienced in person. With that said, why not consider going to the Kings Park Festival in Perth this September?

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Airline Jargon declassified

If you’ve ever been on an aeroplane, chances are you’ve already heard a few of these terms from the pilot. But have you ever wondered what they mean? To give you some insight into some of the more common words you hear from the “flight deck” or as you would call it, the cockpit:

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